Friday, December 23, 2016

US Freedom Army

December 23, 2016

Just my opinion but here goes …

Barring some sort of extraordinarily unusual fraud at the Electoral College, on Friday, January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the next President of the United States. The departure of Barack Obama can come none too soon for me personally and for millions of other Americans. President Obama still has a little time left to pardon some felons, award the Medal of Freedom to his pals in Hollywood (he forgot Jane Fonda – so far) and illegally get as many Middle Eastern refugees into the country as he can accommodate but the best two words to describe his departure will be “good riddance.” Whether the nation can survive the damage wreaked upon it by Barack Obama and his Marxist cohorts remains to be seen.

What is so frightening is that approximately ½ of the nation voted for Barack Obama twice and Hillary Clinton once. This says to me that ½ of the people prefer a country run under the principles of the Communist Manifesto rather than the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Freedom Army still seems to have quite a lot of work to accomplish and particularly regarding education since it seems that our socialist universities and socialist media operatives are succeeding in the mind control that they employ so effectively.

Donald Trump has said some things that I agree with wholeheartedly (and some I disagree with) but rest assured his task will not be easy in any area. The left-wing media, his enemies in Congress (of which there are many) and the courts (of which there are many) will use everything at their disposal to thwart him and will make his life a misery for his entire presidency if he attempts to do anything at all they dislike. His current attempts to cooperate with his own party and members of the opposition will only be successful if he does exactly what they want and nothing less. Once he tries to do what he wants to do they will turn on him as they did with George W. Bush.

Redirect your anger. Black Lives Matter does not care about black lives. La Raza does not care about Latinos and Latino immigration. NOW does not care about women. These and other similar organizations are all front organizations for the forces of socialism and they are bought and paid for by the forces that want to see America changed into a socialist country. These organizations exist to foment anger and class envy and to make America appear to be an unfair society that persecutes the downtrodden. Redirect your anger to the people in America who want to see our freedom destroyed and replaced by a new (and consistently failed) system that rewards failure and punishes success.

Obamacare. I am willing to bet some money that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will never be repealed. I hope I am wrong about that but we shall see. The ACA is the crown jewel of socialism. Centralized control of healthcare is the number one priority of socialism and they will fight tooth and nail to save it. In the beginning they will filibuster in the Senate and then if that fails they will try other tactics but the end game is to get it “modified.” This will leave the law in place so when the socialists are back in power they can change it to the single payer system they so desire. The ACA is unconstitutional – period! All President Trump needs to say is that the law is unconstitutional and he will not enforce it but he probably does not have the political courage to take that step. I find this “Repeal then Replace” mantra laughable since whatever you replace it with is almost certainly also going to be unconstitutional. The only way for the federal government to have a health care law is to amend the Constitution

Illegal Immigration. We think President Trump will do some good work here even if he does nothing else than enforce the laws that are on the books. I have a few suggestions to help him along. Harboring an illegal alien is a felony punishable by (I think) 5 to 10 years in prison. Round up a few of these sanctuary city mayors and prosecute them and all that will stop. Find a way to get a law passed that one must be a citizen for at least five years before one can vote. Require a government issued photo-id and a social security card before one can vote. The social security card can ultimately be tied in to the social security system and a lot of fraud can be prevented (for example, social security usually knows who is alive and who is dead).

Jobs and tariffs. This is a tricky one. No matter what people may think, many of these manufacturing jobs are lost. Americans will not work for $2.00 per hour (or so) and other people around the world are prepared to do so. The only thing that tariffs will accomplish is to raise prices in America for many of these manufactured goods. When Americans are prepared to work for $5.00 per hour (or so) then these jobs will return but the $30.00 per hour that some Americans were receiving for manufacturing work will in many cases no longer be available. Tariffs are dangerous because other countries will then counter with tariffs of their own and make our products unsalable. If you recall the secession of the Southern States and the subsequent Civil War was initially caused by the Southern States reaction to tariffs on foreign manufactured goods (see our website post “The United States Civil War” for more details).

The three branches. The victory election night now gives the Republicans control of two branches of government. People forget about the Courts. The court systems are riddled with Socialists, Marxist, Progressives and Communists of various ilks who do not give a darn about what the U.S. Constitution says and they are appointed for life. These people make up 20% to 40% of the members of our courts yet socialists are less than 5% of the U.S. adult population. This is why Harry Reid invoked the nuclear option, so he could load the courts up with his people as much as possible before the disaster struck. These people have a goal and it is not to interpret the law, it is to destroy the Free Market System (Capitalism) and the American way of life. In this respect they are succeeding on a massive scale. The Supreme Court is just the tip of the iceberg and major changes need to be made here to save the Republic from the socialists in the legal profession.

Debt and inflation. The Federal Reserve will continue to print money because otherwise the government will shut down. The Socialists will fight tooth and nail for every government program and unless the Republican Party suddenly grows a spine nothing will be done. Ultimately the subsequent inflation and unfunded debt, if left unaddressed, will destroy the U.S. economy. Look for a national debt of approximately $20 trillion when BHO leaves office.

The trap. I write about this after every election and I have seen this so many times in my lifetime it is now comical. The Socialist (Democrat) Party loses. They then say they are ready to cooperate. Cooperating with the Socialists means doing exactly what they want. The Socialists then ask for the exact same things they wanted before and if the opposition party doesn’t give it to them they claim the opposition is being uncooperative. The Main Stream Media ably assists them in this farce. Do not go to Washington D.C. and expect the opposition to cooperate with you and particularly do not sacrifice your principles for cooperation. Saul Alinsky: “Accuse your opponent of what you are doing yourself.”

Dear President-elect Trump. The liberal media will now publicize and want you to solve every problem they have hidden from the public under the BHO administration. The Federal Reserve will raise interest rates to damage the economy and make you look bad. Every attempt will be made to blame you for the massive economic and social problems created by the previous administration. Gird your loins and get ready for the onslaught.

Lewis Shupe, Founder


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