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Jonbenet Ramsey Murder and The Organizer

February 5. 2018 

By Anna Morris, Editor, Freedom Fighters of America

      The family is innocent so let us first enrage the legions who have spent 21 years crucifying the family through  official channels, the press, television and online. No one in the family had any part in the torture, bondage, strangulation and bludgeoning death of Jonbenet who was just 6 on that fatal Christmas night.  New eyes looking at old evidence clearly see a plan hatched by an older man we will call The Organizer. Three were involved; there were two, young accomplices.

     Copiously naming names in a tersely written three page expose this week, the National Enquirer once again offers a solution to a case so cold it could be found buried in permafrost next to a hairy mammoth carcass.  Over two decades the Enquirer has periodically 'solved' this seemingly perfect murder of a beautiful, talented, much loved six-year-old found dead in the basement of her family home. Guffaws would ordinarily be inserted at this point, except this time is different. 

     I firmly believe that because of something I have been following online for a couple years. Team JBI--Jonbenet Investigation-- is the story behind the 'Enquirer' story. Briefly mentioned toward the end of the article, the real story is found in years of detailed work by Michigan native Roscoe Clark, videographer and certified forensic technician. In various interviews and posts he details his private purchases of $75,000 worth of equipment for the purpose of solving this case. One of his high tech tools is called an M-Vac which can suck up evidence at the micron level and store it on a pad that can be mailed to a laboratory. Team JBI

     Posts on the Team JBI page note that police in Boulder, CO spent two million dollars zeroing in on family for 20 years and not solving the case, while Team JBI claims to have solved it on a shoestring. Has Team JBI solved it? I believe so though all of the details are not yet public and some specific questions I have asked are not answered. Let Roscoe Clark and his Team set their own time scale, officials spent decades trying to prove family did it. Between the efforts of these officials and media piranhas many innocent lives were destroyed. 

     Media piranhas instinctively smelled money in this crime story, similar to way the little shark-jawed fish smell blood in the water. The result of the endless feeding frenzy and subsequent hemorrhage of printer's ink is that people around the globe think they know the case. The crime fantasy usually goes something like this: There was a bed wetting incident, the mother 'snapped' and accidentally killed her child. Father and mother spent the rest of the night 'staging' a fake kidnapping and murder. Family had to have done it and how dare anyone question that wisdom gleefully and profitably endorsed by the tabloid press? 

     Roscoe Clark dared and his questions led to research which points to a man in Jonbenet's neighborhood who seems to have been barely a blip in the investigation. Respected investigative journalist Jeff Shapiro who immersed himself in the Ramsey case from the beginning said of this man,"he's harmless, just a nice guy." Continuing with this theme Shapiro supported the warm, fuzzy impression, "Harmless guy, as a suspect, he's laughable; Nice fella." [1] 

     The front cover of the Enquirer has a different opinion and the article inside gives him a name. "Creep LIVED IN neighbor's basement!", screams the headline. Those following Roscoe Clark's detailed work on the JBI page know him as "the organizer". I capitalize the term to create a handle, The Organizer. In 1996 he lived in the basement of folks who had a close neighborly relationship with the Ramsey's. These neighbors were even trusted with a key to the Ramsey home and Jonbenet's little dog lived with them most of the time.

     The bestial crime has until now been the perfect murder because the evidence is insane. First there is that nearly three page letter left at the bottom of a spiral staircase, the 'War and Peace'  of ransom notes due to length. The text, readily available online, first declares a "small foreign faction" is behind the kidnapping. Considering that John Ramsey's computer company, Access Graphics, had grossed $1 billion in 1996, a fact reported in a printed article, the ransom demand amounted to chump change at $118,000. It was an insultingly low amount considering it was the price for the life and safe return of a beloved child. 

     Beginning with, "Mr. Ramsey," the letter displays The Organizer's envy and hatred throughout, while denigrating and threatening the father of Jonbenet.  "Any deviation of my instructions will result in the immediate execution of your daughter," he taunted. "She dies," the fiend promised four times, especially if, "Police, F.B.I., etc.," are notified, in which case the victim will be "beheaded". Who would believe such perverted,creative drivel? The letter ends by putting the burden on Mr. Ramsey, "It is up to you now John!" His instant decision was to get help, to call the police. Tragically, according to Team JBI's findings, that was a fatal mistake.

     This was a "letter of instruction" writes Clark on the Team JBI page, it was meant to be taken seriously, every bit of it. The seemingly omniscient letter writer wrote that the Ramsey's were being "monitored" and that they were under "constant scrutiny." Now that's crazy...unless the Creep LIVED IN the neighbor's basement across the street.

     Profiling has been part of Team JBI work. "He travels by foot, bike and bus," has been oft repeated on the JBI page. He traveled this way because he had money trouble and cannot afford a car. There is a connection to a church nearby in the neighborhood which helps the homeless and destitute. Did he meet his generous landlords there during bible study? Is that how he came to dwell in a basement where his own money troubles mounted and his envy festered until he became The Organizer of one of the most debauched crimes ever committed?

     Across the street from his intended victims, The Organizer had the perfect nest in which to hatch the crime from hell.  

     The biggest problem in solving this case have always been that no matter how it is viewed, it always feels like the perpetrator practically lived in the Ramsey home. Police investigators and journalists cannot be totally blamed for looking at family though in my opinion, they should have backed off and taken a fresh look a long time ago. Facts known early in the investigation should have turned "constant scrutiny" back in the direction of The Organizer.

     If family and neighbors can be blamed for anything it would be for being too trusting, too kind, too open, too welcoming. John and Patsy Ramsey and others have said many times that the neighborhood appeared to be safe and that Boulder was a big town with a small town atmosphere. Jonbenet and her brother Burke rode bicycles in the neighborhood and played with friends. "Stranger danger" does not seem to have been a preoccupation and even if it had, would it have applied to the stranger living in the basement of trusted friends?

     Even with extremely busy lives, the Ramsey's knew a number of their neighbors. Patsy watched out for the elderly couple across the street, the ones with the basement apartment. This couple may have had a key to the Ramsey home. Too big to hide with gift wrap under the Christmas tree, Jonbenet's bicycle was stored in that house across the street and John brought it home from there on Christmas Eve.[2]

     Jonbenet had a little white dog named Jacques and people wonder why the dog was not home to bark on the fatal night. The dog had sometimes boarded in that house across the street until it came to live there on a nearly permanent basis."The intruders knew the dog would not bark," says a post at Team JBI.

     Some comments on the web claim a barking dog caused The Organizer to knock on the Ramsey's door the December 23, the night of the family Christmas party. A better sourced consensus is that he came looking for his landlords and was invited in. [3]  

     Several pictures taken during this party are posted on the JBI page with this comment about the planned crime, "It move to the next level." In a comment underneath the pictures Team JBI posted, "One of many note pads was located and collected so the three page ransom note could be printed, not printed in the Ramsey's house." [5] A huge stumbling block that has continually pointed to family involvement is that note pad was sourced to the Ramsey home. Worse yet, the pad and pen used to write the letter of instruction were returned to proper places within the home.

     "Jonbenet told a little friend's mom that Santa had given her a 'secret message' at the family party--he intended to pay her a special visit," heads another collection of Ramsey family Christmas pictures in the 1/22/2018 post by Team JBI. Similar posts continue below concerning the party, "The note pad was collected and a message to Jonbenet about the special visit after Christmas happened." "He was at the party planning the kidnapping," explains another post. This was just about 48 hours before the crime actually unfolded.

     The Christmas night alibi of the basement dweller named in the Enquirer was that he watched TV with his landlords and went to bet at 9 PM because he had a case of stomach flu. Beyond that he was reportedly $70,000 in debt and was asked for more than one handwriting sample because of similarities between his writing and the ransom note. He gave fingerprints, blood and hair and he passed a polygraph six days after the crime.[3] For some, passing the so-called lie detector is absolutely exculpatory but Homicide Hunter Lt. Joe Kenda is famously quoted saying, "I don't trust polygraphs."

     The Enquirer states this person of interest, "had a history of abusive and deranged behavior." Perhaps Detective Steve Thomas saw Shapiro's harmless, nice fellow when said of the man, "He couldn't have been more cooperative." [4] 

     The Team JBI work and the story it tells is still unfolding though the site claims the crime is solved. There is indication there will be a follow up article in the Enquirer. The recent publication naming the organizer is a first step. "We understand the crime," is a repeated comment on the JBI page.

     According to Roscoe Clark's work, three were directly involved. Today there is indication a fourth person had a peripheral part. The Organizer wanted quick cash to solve his personal problems. The ransom note in my opinion has always dripped with envy and hatred against those who have more than the letter's author. The three were homeless or nearly so. The best these losers could do was to take the child from her bedroom to the basement. Keep in mind the house was huge and the parents' bedroom was on the fourth level. In the basement, the six-year old who had known nothing but love in her short life, was repeatedly sadistically tortured with bondage, electric shock and strangulation. The Satanic monsters played with their prey until Mrs. Ramsey came down the spiral staircase and found the note. 

    Team JBI has always been adamant that this was a "letter of instruction" to be taken seriously. The Organizer meant is when he wrote, "she dies". Mr. Ramsey instantly had his wife call the police. Like the letter said, the family was being monitored. At least one perpetrator was still in the basement. A final disfigurement was inflicted on Jonbenet when she was strangled to death and the thin cord, tangled into her blonde curls and a delicate gold cross necklace around her neck, embedded itself deep in the flesh of her neck.

     The letter had said, "Any deviation of my instructions will result in the immediate execution of your daughter." An obviously empty threat followed, "You will also be denied her remains for proper burial." Those remains were very much disfigured by hours of torture and the final, fatal choking. This crime was no attempt by family to cover up an accidental death! 

     According to Team JBI there was one final postmortem injury, a tremendous blow from the knob end of a child's baseball bat which split Jonbenet's skull. The murderer locked himself and his lifeless victim into a windowless basement room sometimes called the 'wine cellar.' When police initially searched the home around 6:00 AM, they assumed the door had been painted shut. Clark's work says the killer wired the doorknob from inside, braced the door with a fireplace tool and his feet and hung on. Sometime later when the police who were left were occupied with people on the main floor, the killer simply walked out a door. He quietly set the child's bat on a ledge outside the door. A neighbor saw him walk away.

     The Organizer died in 2005. Team JBI indicates the others are alive and reachable. Where does it go from here? I believe the next chapter is cryptically mentioned in the 1/25/2018 Morning Gazette Radio Show interview with Roscoe Clark available with this link: 

     "Jonbenet, we now hear your SILENT call. Justice will be done." Team JBI 2/3/2018

SOURCES: : The continuing work of Roscoe Clark and Team JBI is available here. Comments are welcome, "Someone may know something." Additionally, "Most crimes around the world are solved by the public," Roscoe Clark.
[1] a Q. & A. at an unnamed forum with reporter Jeff Shapiro. Posted to this site by jameson on Mar-28-01.

[4] Jonbenet, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation, Steve Thomas and Don Davis, 4/11/2000, p. 217. Posted clip at .

[4] er.htm ; "Alibi: Watched TV... Went to bed 9 pm Nursing stomach flu."     

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