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Will Trump's Actions Start a Trade War with Mexico?

January 28, 2017

By Lynn J. Cheramie III, Founder, FFOA News Network

Why would Americans ever fear a trade war? Building a border wall, slowing or discontinuing immigration altogether from some countries? Discontinue assistance to all countries supporting terrorism and asking our allies to pay their fare share? Who thought up these dastardly deeds and where's Snidely Whiplash when you need him? Everyone should agree that these ideas are not out of the mainstream and make a lot of common sense.

Did you know that Mexico has a southern border fence? Yes, they do! Now you might ask how in the heck are all those Central Americans crossing our border? Is that southern border fence just for show? It's appears Mexico is escorting the World from their southern border to ours.

Americans that are in favor of the wall are not against immigration as the left and the Mainstream Media would have you believe. On the contrary, Conservatives love immigration, legal immigration. If immigration is not accomplished legally then it taints the citizenship of all immigrants who've arrived and completed the process of citizenship lawfully. Oh and by the way if immigration is not completed legally, IT'S ILLEGAL! How has our own government become complicit in illegal immigration and why did we let them?

The border wall will go a long way to stopping all illegal immigration and dramatically reduce the smuggling of illegal drugs into our country, not to mention the cartels that smuggle them. Don't all Americans want these things?

President Enrique Pena Nieto and the citizens of Mexico should rethink the ramifications of not having alliance with America and here's why; we can impose a 20% tariff on all imports from Mexico and not just Mexico, all countries. We can stop giving any monetary assistance to Mexico and all other countries as well. All of the American businesses begin to close in those countries and move back to America. This would leave Mexico or any other country without the revenue those businesses generate and plunge Mexican unemployment into the abyss. Mexicans are already coming to America for work even with our businesses in their country. Without our assistance or another countries assistance Mexico will be in turmoil for decades to come.

Enter China or Russia. These countries would be the only two America would be concerned with becoming Mexico's new partner. Either of these countries will help them but suck them dry. Mexico will always be in their debt and never be able to get them out of their country. In fact they will forever own Mexico for stabilizing it, not saving it from the gallows. Mexico will never again have the few freedoms they enjoy today but become just another socialist experiment in failure. Yes, China or Russia will put military bases in Mexico but that means our border will become even stronger and we to have bases in ally nations that border on China and Russia as well. We've dealt with Cuba and Russia for decades so I think we have a good idea of how to handle the situation.

With any trade war America gets her jobs back. Plants re-open. The economy grows at a rate never seen before. We begin growing, manufacturing and producing our own goods and become self sufficient again. Business does well and so do their employees. Wages which have been stagnant for years will begin to increase and that money will be made and spent in America!

Now about those pipelines. The Keystone and Dakota Pipelines will not only create jobs in every State that it touches but generate revenue for each State and help America gain energy independence from the rest of the World. Not to mention that oil and gas prices would likely decline and maybe a lot!

Those environmentalist concerned about the environment only need to look at the following
Where were the environmentalist when all of these pipelines were being built and how have they not become a major problem for the environment already?

Here's a little information on World assistance. The United States is set to provide assistance to Interactive Map in fiscal year 2017. You can also view stats from years past. Some of these countries support terrorism outright, while others just turn a blind eye and do nothing. Some of these countries hate us and will love to see us all burn. Why do we continue to provide them assistance just so they can use it against us? Our government has perverted itself into a 50 headed snake that can bite you if it decides which head to use first. Matter of fact we should probably cease assistance to all countries until we get our own poop in a group.

So bring on the trade war. See how fast China are Russia buys goods from Mexico. Remember not a lot of Mexicans in China or Russia so the demand for products will be next to nothing. You will also be slapped with a tariff on your goods anyway.

Ramblings of a Mad Men - I do mean MAD!

January 22, 2017

By Lynn J. Cheramie III, Founder FFOA News Network

Fake News

We've been hearing a lot over the last few months about fake news and it's affects on any number of issues from our Presidential Election to our view of our government. How can individuals decipher or investigate news articles to ensure the truth is known? It's hard to tell.

I was reading an article today from Anthony Faiola and Stephanie Kirchner of The Washington Post in which they write about a Breitbart article as if it were fake news. The title of the article, "‘Allahu akbar’-chanting mob sets alight Germany’s oldest church READ IT ? Shocking story, if it were true. " "If it were true" implies to me that they believe it's not.

I went to Breitbart myself and started reading the article and the first thing that popped out at me was the word "alight". The police spokeswoman said that a firework struck some netting outside the church and that it appeared unintentional. I would say the word alight is misleading but not altogether fake. She also stated that it was a pretty quiet night and it's not Germany's oldest church. So you see fake is sometimes in the eyes of the beholder.

Clinton Foundation

It's odd that donations have dried up. Not really. When will the Clinton's be held to account for anything they've ever done? Never, because money buys influence. Oh, that's why the foundation received donations and Chelsea used it as her own little piggy bank READ IT .


Most Mainstream News Outlet chose the word "dark" to characterize the speech made by President Trump. Here's a great video summarizing the speech DARK VIDEO . It seemed as if they were trying to cast shadows over the next 4 years with no facts to support the word other than the speech. The speech was only dark if you have your head in the sand and you're trying to protect the people who put us in this situation. OUR government has been giving away everything for a long time and not only to illegals, other countries and our own citizens who defraud our disability, welfare, and charity systems but to the so-called Representatives within the government sworn to protect and serve us.

The truth is obviously not what the Mainstream Media wanted to hear. They obviously wanted to hear what great shape that this country's in and all the rainbows and unicorns in our future. Chris Mathews from MSNBC got a thrill up his leg 8 years ago WATCH IT for a man who associated with known terrorists, wouldn't release college transcripts and bowed to the entire World. The Mainstream Media wants to bash President Trump for telling the truth. OUR government has ignored us and has grown to think their smarter than us. The Mainstream Media is nothing more than the propaganda arm for the communists hoping to take over our great nation.

Just one thing about the crowd size. NO ONE KNOWS THE REAL NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN ATTENDANCE! Both the Mainstream Media and President Trump maybe right or wrong but it's not the Media's place to attack OUR President at every turn. The Mainstream Media is lying to us about  the DC Metros numbers to give the appearance of much lower attendance. Here's the first example: Obama's last inauguration had 308,000 not 320,000 READ IT and Obama's number went through noon and President Trump's stops at 11:00 READ IT . These 2 factors alone could account for the difference but lets go even further and ask if the Mainstream Media is comparing apples to apples? Four years is a long time so I would ask if the Metro is the same with no changes from 2009? Are all other forms of transit the same; buses, cabs and people on foot? Can we trust the numbers provided by the Mainstream Media anymore? NO!

Obama vs Trump

Why did the Mainstream Media protect and coddle Obama for the last eight years while attacking President Trump for everything since he announced his candidacy? Remember every time you attack President Trump you also attack all of the deplorables WATCH IT that voted for him. Is it because Obama had more experience than Trump? Maybe. Here's Obama's record READ IT which also has some other interesting highlights and here's Trump's READ IT . Is it because Obama is Black and Trump is White? Maybe. The Mainstream Media has already attacked the diversity of Trump's cabinet but didn't say anything negative about Obama's cabinet picks. I thought you hired the best person for the job and not a color or gender. Is it because Obama didn't care about security, allowing Clinton to have a private server and numerous cell phones while it is suggested to Trump to get rid of his cell phone. Obama did just let Manning go and a few more terrorists before leaving office. Trump has been reaffirming at every turn his solid stance on security and how important it is to our nation.

Russian Hacking

There is no evidence. There is a lot of speculation on the part of those who supported Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The biggest lie is, "Russians Hacked the Election." None of the election machines are tied to any internet or centralized server and can only be hacked if you're standing right next to them. Control by Deception has become the governments motto.

James Comey

James Comey always did what he thought was right. He did it when he first concluded that the investigation of Hillary Clinton revealed releasing confidential information but that he wouldn't recommend prosecution. That act allowed Clinton to go forward as a Presidential Candidate. The release of his letter a week before the election would've never happened if not for that act and the fact that Hillary Clinton didn't follow regulations in the first place. Smashing phones with hammers means you have something to hid.


I've never heard President Trump say he hates Blacks, Asians or Mexicans. I did hear him say he wants to build a wall to prevent ILLEGAL immigration. I've never heard him say he hates Homosexuals. I never heard Trump say women should be in the kitchen. I did hear an audio tape of him talking about a women. His statements were wrong. I think he apologized for it. Hillary Clinton stating that she has a Public and Private opinion was never really attacked by the Mainstream Media WATCH IT . Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton flip flopped on these issues WATCH IT that weren't attacked by the Mainstream Media. I've never heard him say that he wants to kill all Muslims. I did hear him say he wants to eradicate Radical Islamic Terrorists from the face of the earth. I also heard him say he would like to create some kind of Muslim Registry which at this point in time makes sense since the overwhelming majority of terrorists are Muslim.

There are a lot of things wrong with our society today and what Trump has done so far is not one of them. He's been in office for 3 days and deserves OUR support, silence or verbal protest not attacks, physical attacks on Americans or burning, looting and destroying things in the name of a cause most don't know anything about.


Tolerance is not Equal

November 13, 2016

By Lynn J. Cheramie III, Editor, FFOA News Network

I sit here watching and reading about the protests happening in very liberal cities since the election of Donald J Trump, The 45th President of the United States and wonder what if Hillary would've won?

How the left reacted in 2008

I can only assume the reaction to Hillary winning the White House would've been the same or even better or worse or whatever. It's amazing that we don't see the same thing from the mainstream media for Donald J. Trump, The 45th President of the United States.

We see what we assume are informed and intelligent people acting like child thugs, inciting violence, burning others property, destruction of not their stuff, shouting death to Trump and his supporters and yes the favorite liberal word of all, HATE! We kept hearing during the campaign of Hillary Clinton:

Trump Supporters are Deplorable

and this one from The Daily Show. Does Trevor even have a job anymore? I guess this kind of racist and condescending reporting might have something to do with him still having a TV career. Liberals do own the mainstream media:

Trump Supporters from The Daily Show 

and this montage from The Daily Show. Today the mainstream media is showing us the circus and all of the real sideshow freaks:

The left preaches tolerance and respect for only themselves:

Clinton News Network Reporting
and this from "Mr. Thrill up my leg" the farthest left you can go:

American Patriots have grown tired of hearing the hate speech from communists who want to keep the power and get more money by exploiting minorities and the weak. Look at the inner cities. Ask yourselves what have Democrats done for me in the last 50 years? Your situation is far worse today and you won't admit it. It's always the other guys fault. Just keep blaming the other guys while we once again try to fix the mess that's been created by failed policies and leadership.

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