Saturday, August 19, 2017

Rush Limbaugh says we may be "on the cusp of a second civil war"


Murder of a Nation!

August 18, 2017

By Lynn J. Cheramie III, Founder, FFOA News Network

The Masters of Chaos attack America from every direction so that THE PEOPLE have no idea what is happening. When hornets buzz out of their underground holes and swarm to the attack, their victim feels only the massive amount of stings and has no concept of individual attackers. So it is with our country, stung daily and hourly by the likes of Antifa, ethnic supremacists, our own media and elected representatives who ignore the will of the people to keep the DC swamp full and festering.

As we hurl the stingers of words, insults, accusations and actual shit at each other our country is being ripped apart. It appears that no one encouraging the ripping apart process even knows what they're doing or much less cares as long as they get what they think they want! I underline the word think because we all need to search our hearts and start thinking before we take any action or make any statement that will further damage our once great nation.

The New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, PBS and countless other leftist talking heads are complicit in the destruction of our country. They think accusing and even lying will somehow benefit them and turn our nation into a socialist republic. The Welfare State will soon end. There will only be two classes of people, the haves and have not!

Remember you've become the propaganda machine for a movement that is hateful and deadly. You seek to remove any markings of our past and replace it with yours. History will not be changed no matter what you burn, tear down or destroy, what you erect in place of these monuments, rename or state as fact that maybe purely fiction or outright lies.

Media isn't journalism any longer but the left continues to print stories and spout news that has been read over the phone, received from anonymous sources and even made up by their own corrupt hearts and none of it verifiable. Once you get what you think you want the hornets nest will die and you won't have advertisers or the revenue from them. No one will be able to buy your products and all of you will be reduced to one propaganda network for a socialist government that will always know better than it's own people.

Our country was founded with religion in mind and that everyone should have the right to worship in their own way. We are the melting pot for the World but it seems that others come to this country now and assume they can impose their believes on everyone else. We are the melting pot but you must melt in with us not the other way around! Sharia law or any custom that's Islamic or any other religion that harms another, society or culture in anyway is not welcome and should not be tolerated in our nation. Under the guise of political correctness we allow it and even protest against those who oppose it!

Corporations who said they wanted a business friendly President now only want to trample him because they think it will save them in the end. These mighty leaders of industry have no idea that the President is not the one buying the stuff they sell. He was willing to help them in the face of  criticism from Liberals who say he's for Big Business and against the little man. You pander to the few who yell the loudest without realizing you're sealing your own fate. Once our country becomes the Russia of old how much of your goods and services will you sell to the have not's?

Our Political Leaders, NAACP, ACLU, KKK, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers, White Supremacist Groups have become a part of the hornets nest and are assisting in the destruction of our country. You all shout racism but offer favoritism to those you claim to represent. Aren't they the same thing?

Republicans, we gave you all levels of government like you asked and you accomplish nothing. All politicians are the same, only worried about themselves and re-election. Public office was meant for service to the country not a career for a bunch of idiots! Now you want to tell the President what to do? America told the President what to do and not any of you! All of you are traitors to this country.  We put up with Barack Obama tearing this country apart for 8 years and a lot of Republican leaders said nothing because he's black and were afraid of being labeled a racist by the left but now you've been labeled a traitor by your own constituents.

I served my country proudly. Why couldn't everyone do the same? This will end horribly for the entire country and our leaders will have no one to blame but themselves. Instead of standing behind the President to get things done you have created turmoil where nothing will be achieved but anger, division, destruction and hate! We will never be the same country after this is all said and done. I wouldn't be surprised to see another uncivil war that all of you created! You had a chance to crush Liberals but you're choosing to crush the one man that AMERICA ELECTED to change the direction of this shit cart rolling down hill. We will remember 2018 and don't think that you will get re-elected without the support of the President much less your own constituents!

The President says something and it's not what some want and than he says what they want and it's not the way they wanted it said. Does any Liberal see that's unfair or are you so blinded by your own hate and anger that the only thing you know is "WE HATE TRUMP!". You protest hate and violence yet that is the mantra for your resistance movement. Almost every Antifa protest turns into destruction and violence against those not only protesting against them but ordinary citizens just standing around minding their own business.

The left says they seek justice, freedom of speech and liberties that they're afforded by our constitution yet they seek to silence those on college campuses throughout the country and with the support of most faculties who are teaching history and the constitution. I guess they interpret "and justice for all" as "and justice means just me". They can't even see past their own intolerance. It appears our universities have become hot beds for socialism and it's obviously taught in our schools. They have no discipline, morals or integrity. They don't want to be spanked, want to change their gender, protect other religions other than Christianity and by the way God is mentioned in the constitution not Ali!

Actors, sports figures and so called celebrities spout their anger against Conservatives not realizing if they didn't have the freedoms and liberties that were fought for by those same Conservatives they wouldn't have the right to say what they say or make the money they do today.

This is a coup attempt and not just against the President but against America and every legal citizen of our once great nation! I emphasize legal because illegal has become the new chic in America, We protect and give more to illegal aliens than our own citizens. Sanctuary cities are illegal and we all know this for a fact, yet the left thinks it's ok because they are the so-called resistance. Resisting what? The American Way I assume.

It is my hope that the good people of America will dig up and deliver death to a hornets nest that should've never been allowed to form in the first place!