Friday, December 23, 2016

Season of Light and Joy, Pray Healing for One Small Boy

December 23. 2016

By Anna Morris, Co-Editor, FFOA NEWS NETWORK

   Christmas is a time of wonder and miracles especially for children. It is a perfectly awful time for a first grader to suddenly face a cancer that will require many treatments over many long weeks or months before there is healing. 

     Ryan Moore, 6, experienced a twisted sort of miracle on December 2 when he was accidentally hit very hard with a basketball at his Apple Valley Christian School game, according to Ryan's Medical Fund at Because of that accident doctors found a tumor on Ryan's kidney. "Even with early discovery, the tumor had grown to the same size as his kidney," his supporters have written on the site.  "He had to have surgery to remove his entire kidney," they wrote.

     We first became aware of this story through heartfelt Tweets by Roo's Beating Heart aka @charjorgensen13. I interviewed Charlotte recently and asked why this story had so deeply touched her. Charlotte works for Ryan's mom Shelly. 

     "Shelly puts everything into her children; every time she talks to me it is always about her kids," said Charlotte. Shelly is kind, has a hilarious sense of humor and is excellent to work with, according to Charlotte. Bad things do happen to good people but when they do it is a stab to the heart of our human sense of justice.

     "Frank, Shelly, Ryan and Dereck are a wonderful family," states the medical fund site. "They are heavily involved in their community, school, and church," it continues. Dereck is Ryan's younger brother," according to Charlotte.

     While the family has insurance through Shelly's employment, illness can still be devastatingly expensive. Ryan's Medical Fund at is raising the $15,000 deductible required by the insurance. In addition, "The Moores have and will have numerous expenses including but not limited to: prescriptions, insurance deductibles, commuting money (hospital is an hour from home," write their supporters. "They are a one income family and will be devastated by this diagnosis if not for our generous support; please pray for them and generously give," ends the plea on the site.

     At this time, $7,213 of the $15k goal has been raised. 

     Ryan has returned home after his surgery. His mom posted a picture of him with his shiny black kitty. "Reunited with his cat Shadow hasn't stopped loving on him," Shelly wrote on December 10.

     There is another post by Shelly showing Ryan tucked into his bed at home. She wrote: No one but GOD let my Ryan come home. It was an absolute miracle that he is getting through this journey as well as he is...I have no idea how many amazing people came to our home to work tirelessly for Ryan's recovery...I love every single one of you from the bottom of my heart. You will forever be OUR FAMILY...thank you [heart] thank you [heart] thank you [heart].

     "No One but GOD," wrote Ryan's mom Shelly. The family also seeks prayer. Not so long ago the Christmas spirit infected nearly everyone this time of year. It was a season of light and hope, of uplifted hearts turned to God wishing peace and goodwill to all. For Christians celebrating the miracle birth of Jesus, miracles seemed especially close just now, especially for children.

     Unexplained healings that confound science still happen, though many claim a renewed Age of Reason. Other times adversity, even tragedy, leads to strength that touches many hearts. St. Paul said: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. [Romans 8:28, NIV]

     On December 17 Shelly posted on her Facebook that someone had syphoned all the diesel out of their truck. Her comment was understandably sarcastic, thanking the "jerk". Added vicious aggravations can be crushing when life is already tough enough.

     Despite the diesel stealing Grinch, Ryan's mom is still positive on December 20 when she writes, "Merry Christmas to everyone...looking forward to all the amazing things God has ready for our family in 2017."

     Check out Ryan's Medical Fund by Shelly Moore at . Donate if you can and pray for his miraculous recovery. Though Shelly notes on her Facebook that Ryan will not need radiation, he will begin chemotherapy in January. We at Freedom Fighters of America are donating and we'll add a little extra to replace what the Grinch stole.

     Think too of others close to home who are ill or in need.  Christmastime is when we are reminded that we are all Magi capable of bringing gifts. Jesus said, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." Matthew 25:40, NIV


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