Thursday, August 18, 2016

Why it’s smart politics for GOP leaders to cut Trump loose

By Matt Bai

Like many of you, I took a short summer vacation last week, hoping to clear my mind of politics and draw some perspective on human affairs from the calming rhythm of the ocean.

Except that all anyone on the beach seemed to be talking about was a certain loudmouth celebrity, and all the surf shops were selling “Make America Great Again” T-shirts, and all the kids were building “huge” sand castles with walls around them.

Commentary by: Lynn Cheramie, Founder, Freedom Fighters of America

It doesn't matter what the GOP Establishment does at this point. It's dead and they will never have the support of #ffoa again. We will always vote for the best candidates in all elections no matter what party and recommend that everyone else do the same. Party affiliations are no more as the lines have been muddied by the very people who needed them to provide the illusion of separation to remain in control.

I recall in the 60's how the word ESTABLISHMENT was proclaimed as what DC had become and now I truly believe it. They've always been this way, all of us had a feeling it was real but couldn't actually prove it but with advances in technology they couldn't hide their agenda any longer. Their agenda isn't to represent us but represent their own interest and to retain all of the power and money they can! The same technology that they built to watch and spy on us has cannibalized them as well.

They want to axe the candidate that the majority of the party they represent wants in the White House and that's just wrong. We've been saying all along that they thought they knew better than us and thought they were saving us from ourselves but all along they were saving themselves, period!

#realdonaldtrump is not the ideal candidate. NO ONE IS! He does appear to have the right ideas to fix some of America's problems but just like Obama we will need to believe in Hope and Change once more. The only difference in believing this time is America won't accept failure!

This message is provided as a public service to the #realdonaldtrump and the DC ESTABLISHMENT!


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