Thursday, August 18, 2016

Now we know the real reason Aetna bailed on Obamacare

By Bob Bryan, Business Insider

On Monday night, news broke that one of the five largest insurers in the US, Aetna, was leaving 70% of the counties in which it offers insurance through the Affordable Care Act's public healthcare exchanges.

The move was seen as a huge blow to the future of the act, making Aetna the third large insurer, after United Healthcare and Humana, to significantly reduce its Obamacare business.

Commentary by: Lynn Cheramie, Founder, Freedom Fighters of America

Obamacare is dying and it's only a matter of time before it's pulled off all life support! Pushed through Congress on midnight deals, backroom agreements and bribes unrivaled in the history of our Nation, it's done nothing but destroy the best healthcare system in the World. All of it so a petulant child (Obama) could get his way and have his name on something for all to remember.

We will always remember you because of your failures not your accomplishments. We haven't seen any of the later yet other than the attempted destruction of the United States of America for your Muslim Brothers!


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