Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Target boycott has reached a boiling point — and sales may suffer as a result

Target is facing a nationwide backlash for its support of transgender rights.

More than 1.2 million people have signed a pledge to boycott the retailer after it announced last month that it would welcome transgender customers to use any bathroom or fitting room that matches their gender identity.

Critics have been holding protests and demonstrations at stores across the country, and they are showing no signs of dying down.

Many are demanding access to bathrooms of the opposite sex to support claims that "perverts" can now prey on children and women as a result of the policy.

The boycotters' goal is to force Target to reverse its policy, or at least make the retailer suffer for it by spending their money elsewhere.

But Target CEO Brian Cornell dug in his heels on the issue this week, saying Target won't reverse its stance.

"We took a stance and we are going to continue to embrace our belief of diversity and inclusion," Cornell said on CNBC

Commentary by: Lynn Cheramie, Founder, Freedom Fighters of America

Transgender should not be a protected class! Just on it's face it says you can change yourself to anything you want regardless of the consequences to yourself or others and that you never have to deal with anything just cut it off, plaster it or make a hole and all of your problems are solved. It doesn't solve anything and in most cases gives you a new set of problems to deal with and a lot more of them.

Everyone has problems but you don't hear of any murderers demanding, at our expense of course, a free set of Ginsu Knives every month to kill their victims or pedophiles asking for a new Kiddy Delivery Service in their town to bring them some victims. It's the same thing isn't it? YES IT IS! Murderers and pedophiles have something within them telling them that they're murderers or pedophiles just like transgenders so there is no difference. Where do you draw the line? You can't lest you discriminate against some group or hurt someone's feelings. AWWWWWW feelings!

Until we learn that we have to stop trying to please everyone all of the time we will keep our country in turmoil and degenerating the masses until there is nothing left to our morals or our sense of right and wrong. Just think of the crap our kids see on TV and hear on the radio today that we didn't 50 or 60 years ago. We've all be desensitized to vulgarity, pornography, anger, violence and most of all the will to do the right thing and for those of you who say it's just progress, YOU ARE DUMBASSES!

The CEO won't reverse himself because he is to proud to admit he made a mistake and too stupid to even know it! He just thinks he knows better than all of his customers except for a very, very, very few.

The silent majority is now loud and clear in this case and will never sleep again. Target is going to pay dearly for accommodating 10 people and letting the other 10 million shoppers suffer. Clean up on aisle 6.


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