Saturday, May 14, 2016

New ObamaCare Shock: $7,050 Silver-Plan Deductible

By Jed Graham, Investor's Business Daily

Reports continue to flow in of big ObamaCare premium spikes that will hit exchanges around the country in 2017.

Insurers are seeking an average 27% rate hike in Oregon; 21% in Maine; 18% in Virginia; and 18% in Florida.

But if the premiums don’t shock you, the deductibles very well might. Not only are bronze deductibles rising as high as $7,150 in 2017, from a maximum of $6,850 this year, but silver deductibles of $6,000 or more are becoming commonplace. In fact, Centene (CNC), one of the most aggressive exchange competitors when it comes to pricing, is planning to roll out a new silver plan with a $7,050 deductible next year under the Ambetter name — to go along with the $6,500-deductible silver plan it’s already offering. Amazingly, Ambetter had just a $1,750 silver-plan deductible in 2014.

Commentary by: Lynn Cheramie, Founder, Freedom Fighters of America

Obamacare will continue to chip away at health care in America. With a $7,000.00 deductible and premiums to match no one can afford insurance anymore. Our government makes up the enrollment numbers as well as the number of people who've gained insurance because of Obamacare just like they do with the unemployment number. Getting Medicaid is not gaining insurance, it's only adding to the burden of the middle class who are now the poor class.

Hospitals, Physicians and other health care providers will continue to see decreased margins and more bad debt visits. Patients won't be able to find a doctor and hospitals will only serve the large metropolitan areas leaving much of the country without a hospital, doctor or emergency room. Small town doctors have all but vanished as they can't make enough money to make up for the reduction in payments from all providers.

Insurance was good until 1965 when Medicare came on-line. Payments to providers were OK the first few years until OUR OWN GOVERNMENT felt it necessary to reduce payments to all providers thus setting in motion the increase in premiums, increase in deductibles, increase in co-payments and less reimbursement to all providers circle. Oh and by the way it has also hurt the actual care everyone receives. Long ago you would receive personalized care and now you're just a number in a cattle line 100 miles long.

The problem is even if Obamacare is repealed today we can never go back. Insurance carriers will never reset premiums and deductibles to pre-Obamacare implementation so we're basically SCREWED!

Obamacare was passed with shady deals, backroom blow jobs and politicians selling their souls to the devil. We will all pay for the decisions of stupid men and women who run this country into the ground everyday. It is the same politicians who promise us everything before an election and only deliver pain and heartache afterwards. Obama implemented Obamacare to destroy the best health care system in the World. He is a terrorist, some say it, some don't, others believe it, while other won't but we will all find out in the very near future.

It's time to blow up our system of government America and start all over again. It's become too big to control and we all know it but we've been lulled into passive lazy behavior from which we will probably never recover. We are a far cry from the Americans who fought for this country 250 years ago. We are a weak society going through life bouncing off issue to issue like a pinball machine. If it doesn't effect us today we don't care about it, when in actuality everything effects everyone somewhere, if not today somewhere in the future for sure!

The only job of a politician today is to get re-elected. It's become a career and the fact that they won't impose term limits on themselves says as much.

Greed has overtaken everyone and everything and our society will end just like every other society in the past because of it!


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