Sunday, March 12, 2017

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Drain the Swamp

March 12, 2017
It took about 85 years to build the swamp and, as America is finding out, it will not be drained in 85 days and almost certainly not in 850 days either. My contacts in Washington D.C. tell me that the entire Executive Branch of government is almost completely operated and controlled by Socialist Party operatives and without them the entire apparatus of government would cease to function. These people need to be phased out slowly and replaced by responsible patriots who care about America, but that will take a long time. This at least can be done slowly and methodically and has a long-term chance of success. This, however, is not the biggest problem in the swamp.
As we are seeing, the Socialist Party is trying to use their functionaries in the Judicial Branch of government to usurp the constitutional duties of the Executive Branch. If Judge Gorsuch is confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice (which he should be) what will you have in that Court? You will have four socialist judges who always vote in lockstep (Breyer, Ginsburg, Kagan and Sotomayor) and three conservatives (Alito, Thomas and Gorsuch). You will also have two justices (Roberts and Kennedy) who are unpredictable and apparently have no judicial philosophy whatsoever (see John Roberts and the Affordable Care Act). The notion that with the appointment of Gorsuch you will now have a conservative Supreme Court is simply not substantiated. Judge Kennedy is considering retirement so if you can replace him with a conservative and replace one of the socialist judges (Ginsburg has been sleeping through some sessions) with a conservative judge then perhaps some good things will happen in the Supreme Court.
It is now obvious that the entire federal court system is riddled with socialist judges who are only interested in their socialist agenda and could care less what the Constitution says. There is a big opportunity here since many of the positions in the Federal Courts are unfilled and they should be filled as quickly as possible by the new administration.
We all know about the liberal media and their lies and I will not go into detail on that matter here. Suffice it to say that the forces of socialism are petrified that all their hard work of 85 years is about to be undone and they are reacting violently to everything. The continuous promulgation of lies will work on some people who, after much repetition, will begin to believe the lies. Combine this with the Senate filibusters, the protestors (who is paying these people?), the Federal Reserve (which since 1913 has been controlled by socialists) and the many illegal acts of the socialists and their stooges and you can see why it will not be so easy to drain the swamp.    
Lewis Shupe, Founder
U.S. Freedom Army


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