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Heil Health Care!

November 12, 2016

By Anna Morris, Co-Editor, FFOA NEWS NETWORK

     It sounds like President-elect Trump is trying to figure out ways to keep parts of Obama Care. I don't disagree that those with serious preexisting conditions should be protected. I wouldn't care if those people went on Medicare early. Mr. Trump also wants to keep the provision that 26 year old "kids" stay on their parents' insurance. To me, 26 years old is adult. I suppose it doesn't matter a great deal if Mr. Trump and Dr. Carson drop all mandates and make their "replacement" voluntary. At the moment this is just as hidden as the original fiasco that had to be passed so we could read it, as Pelosi said with an egg sucking grin.

     Meanwhile Florida Governor Tim Scott sent me into a rage of discouragement as he spewed away on TV, something about the Trump plan, and we all have to stay healthy so we can all afford health care. Hillary pushed this as an Obama Care solution and Governor Mike Huckabee endorsed this idea in his book God, Guns, Grits and Gravy. 

     Probably in anticipation of running out of other peoples' money, as Margaret Thatcher said of socialism, the idea of enforced wellness is written into the dehumanizing parts of Obama Care. This scheme of enforced wellness has also been part of actual medical practice in Oregon for many years. The idea floated in along with President Clinton's dispensation for the Oregon Health Plan rationing scheme circa 1994, and it was actually used against some patients, mostly smokers, when that scheme ran out of money in the early 2000s.

     Stay healthy so your brothers and sisters have enough! Doesn't that just sound touchy-feely, Progressive Liberal? Of course this requires living as government dictates. Right now government is down on sugar, fat, meat, alcohol, tobacco, salt and bacon. It is for whole grains and lots of fruits and veggies every day. How many of you remember when cholesterol was on government's hit list? There was an idea that if children consumed any cholesterol they were sure to get hardening of the arteries when they were 70 or so. Then it was found that children actually need cholesterol to grow properly and develop their nervous systems and brains. I don't know that any children were hurt by this government pronouncement but perhaps the mega data will tell us if there is an epidemic of a newly discovered neuro-degenerative disease in about 20 years.

     Ah yes, Big Government demands we consume less than a teaspoon of sugar per day or something because some obscure study says sugar might cause diabetes. Or is that obesity from over consumption of food in general that "causes" diabetes? Meanwhile, why am I nursing an elderly athlete who had no bad habits, always ate healthy foods and now has diabetes? 

     While we are on that subject, why did my mom who called herself a "health nut before there were health nuts", get the only case of cancer in my family? 

     Government plans to dictate our personal choices to lower the health care costs government has driven into the stratosphere. Under Obama Care, a woman who drinks more than one alcoholic drink per day (two for men) is to be considered a mis-user of alcohol, certainly on the fast track to alcoholism and in desperate need of government oversight and counselling. At the same time marijuana is being legalized for recreation in many states and everyone snickers about the smoke till you're wasted philosophy.

     Government tells us what to eat but it avoids its responsibility to enforce laws against shooting each other in places like Chicago. Lots of those casualties survive and end up using many "scarce health care dollars" to recover, not to mention disability payments if they do not.

     Only government hell bent on totalitarianism dares try to mandate our legal personal habits. Progressive Liberals are big for saying crude stuff like, "If I wanted government in my bedroom I'd F*** my senator." Remember when little kids held up signs like that at some protest or another? They will tax our sugar and soda but never even give lip service to any sexual practices that could be good for us as a society. How many "scarce health care dollars"--not to mention otherwise scarce tax dollars for education and every other public expenditure "for the children"--do unplanned and unwanted births cost society? (I know, that's why Progressives push abortion. Go have a good time and kill the babies that are created by mistake.)

     Let's look at that whole picture. HIV, a huge expense when treated, is still a threat and some STDs are very hard to treat. Multiple partners add to these possibilities. Some women do conceive children to get more welfare. Of course these kids grow up "disadvantaged", in "need" of government programs and hopefully from the purveyors of the welfare state, grow up to vote for government dependency by registering Democrat.

     Now that I have ticked off half of the readers, why shouldn't the government that demands we eat multiple servings of fruits and veggies per day so our brothers and sisters can have health care, regulate births in general? Since I espouse Roman Catholicism I am on a slippery slope here, but this is just for the sake of argument. Natural births cost a few thousand dollars and complications cost a whole lot more. (As noted previously each child will be educated by tax payers and if Mr. Trump is a liberal as some of us fear, he may yet give free college to Bernie's supporters.) Should the government that taxes soda and rations and neglects unrepentant smokers to the point of death, restrict the number of children a woman may have? Oh no! That would be like China!

     There is another religion that at least in the past has believed that giving birth liberated a soul that God had on a shelf in heaven or limbo or somewhere, just waiting to complete itself on earth. Huge families were encouraged. Once in a small town where I lived, a fertility specialist set up practice. He was a member of this faith and I have it from a good source that his specialty was repair work that allowed women of this faith to keep liberating souls even after other doctors said another pregnancy was a grave danger. An acquaintance of mine and a patient of his, nearly died  having her sixth or seventh child! 

     Should children be limited to one or two? Is more than two a waste of "scarce health care dollars?" Does the birth of a fifth child to a family in Idaho someway deny treatment for a combat level gunshot injury sustained by a youth on the streets of Chicago? 

     Of course government also believes by regulating our personal consumption of whatever the UN/WHO decries for political purposes, chronic disease can be eliminated. As noted I am caring for an elderly athlete who has some serious chronic illnesses due to age and genetics according to his doctor. If there aren't enough health dollars to go around, how long before all people with chronic conditions will be on a Death Panel hit list for euthanasia? Oh no! That would be like Nazi Germany!

     Like candidate Trump said, our country blows billions of dollars building up other countries. Then when government steps into health care it demands our last drops of blood to fund a redistribution scheme that aims to restrict our personal choices and delights. (Except of course, sex. Have as much of that as you want, with as many partners as you can. It would be a hate crime to complain about the cost of treating HIV or providing late term abortion on demand.)

     We build hospitals in foreign countries at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars yet we have to tax sugar and soda here to enforce WELLNESS?  Americans are tired of getting the smelly end of the stick! 

     We will live as we please. That is a BIG reason we want government OUT of health care, when we hear politicians like Governor Scott, a Trump supporter, telling us we have to live better, the way government demands of us. He is signalling to all of us that health "insurance", which has become privatized socialism rather than a pooling of risk, adding around 15% to medical costs for paper pushing alone, has run out of other peoples' money. What else is he saying? Admit smoking, drinking alcohol or soda, eating bacon or meat, eschewing fruits, veggies and whole grains, and be sanctioned as an enemy of the people? Communist China or Nazi Germany, indeed!

     President-elect Trump: Government is out of our bedrooms and anything goes, no matter the cost to society. Now get government out of our kitchens and living rooms! Put the people back in charge of their medical care! The doctor/patient relationship must always be individualized, not community care. Government-centered care, which is Obama Care, IS the highway to totalitarianism at the most personal levels. Oh, and start calling it MEDICAL care again. Those "scarce health care dollars" need not be wasted on every bureaucratic, wealth redistributing, crackpot wellness plan that anyone can dream up! By the way, do you or Dr. Carson know how much Smoking Cessation Specialists earn in a year? Put those supposedly scarce dollars to work actually healing the sick! 


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