Friday, September 9, 2016

For the first time, Bill Cosby's lawyers claim racism

By Maryclaire Dale, Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Bill Cosby has long preached the gospel of personal responsibility to fellow blacks, irritating those who fault racism for holding the community back.

But now lawyers for the 79-year-old comedian have suggested for the first time that racial bias is to blame as Cosby faces the prospect of 13 women testifying in court that he drugged and molested them. Twelve of them are white.

Commentary from Lynn J. Cheramie III, Founder, FFOA News Network and NOFAR

Here we go again. Just because he happened to like a lot of white women it doesn't mean those women are now racists. They're more than 50 women who said he sexually assaulted or raped them. What is the racial makeup of all of them? How many others did he pay off and what was their racial makeup? Why is Cosby black and not white? Questions abound!

Bill Cosby has been shouting for years that blacks need to be responsible their own lives and now he's changed his mind. He actually blames a color for his crimes. He has thrown up every other defense in the World and they haven't worked so now he's yelling racism which has become the norm when nothing else works!

Wouldn't someone who is innocent want to get to trial as quickly as possible? Why is Cosby trying to run out the clock on these allegations? It just makes it worse for Cosby the longer he waits to go to trial. Either he spends a few years in prison now and gets out with some life left or you hide and get put in jail in 10 years and die in jail.

Racism will always exist but not in the form that some would want you to believe. There will always be people that don't like other people for their skin, hair, height, weight, eyes, habits, rituals, teeth, breath, size, car, house, money, beliefs or whatever you want to choose. It's not one entire group of people that is racist towards another entire group of people but the ones who've been tainted by the opinions of others in their own history.

Once we become color blind only then can we start to address the root causes of our problems. Racism is a veil that covers the true issues of our society.


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