Saturday, September 24, 2016

Charlotte marchers demand police release shooting tapes

By Robert MacMillan and Mike Blake, Reuters

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Sept 23 (Reuters) - About 300 protesters took to the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, in a fourth night of demonstrations on Friday, calling on authorities to "release the tapes" of the fatal police shooting of a black man, hours after his family released its own video.

Protesters gathered after nightfall in a small park and others chalked the names of police shooting victims from across the country on a street, but there was no sign of the violence that marked demonstrations earlier in the week.

Commentary from Lynn J. Cheramie III, Founder, FFOA News Network and NOFAR

It looks likes someone only wants black and brown unity. By the way, no one is the color black. Shades of brown but not black. How did we fight so hard for de-segregation and now some fight to re-segregate. Trying to stay away from whites will not change what is happening in the urban communities of America today because whites don't live there. Only blacks can change their future and that must start with your leaders and they're aren't any right now that care about anything else other than their own fortune and fame.

Martin Luther King was killed because he was that leader. He was a deeply patriotic man and believed the content of your character was more important than the color of your skin. No one remembers him, especially not the young people in black communities all across this great nation. What we see in these recent protests are the "content of ones character" that King spoke of and looting, burning, violence and crime are not the character he was trying to achieve!


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