Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Charlotte and Tulsa shootings: What police say vs. the families

By Mary Bowerman, and Melanie Eversley, USA Today

Protests broke out in Charlotte, N.C., Tuesday evening after a black man was killed by a police officer, just days after another officer-involved shooting in Tulsa. 

In both cases, police said they felt threatened and were forced to take lethal action. 

In Charlotte, police said the man shot by police, Keith Lamont Scott, 43, was holding a gun, while family members say he was reading a book. 

Commentary from Lynn J. Cheramie III, Founder, FFOA News Network and NOFAR

It doesn't matter what the police do anymore. A percentage of blacks will always think they're being targeted! It's always the same type of people who riot, loot, burn and commit violent acts in the aftermath of these tragedies. What I mean is, you don't see a lot of people wearing suits, nice shoes or pants or even wearing pants at all. Well the pants maybe around their ankles and I don't consider those pants but socks, yes socks. What a concept! Did anyone ever stop to think when a white person is killed by the cops why whites don't burn and loot? Most of you know the answers but are afraid to answer them for fear of being labeled the lead of the KKK or just racist. A word which has no meaning anymore to anyone other than the people who would use it to create racism!

It doesn't matter that he had a gun in Charlotte or that he didn't listen to repeated commands and walked back to his car with his hands up in Tulsa. Were the police supposed to let him open the door of his SUV, grab a gun and shoot all of them dead or lead them on a high speed chance through residential areas that might harm innocent civilians. The answer to these questions are easy but no one wants to touch the questions. The PoPo are supposed to let black males commit any crimes they want, risk death, risk innocent civilians and let the perpetrators walk away!

This type of thinking is not normal nor is it anywhere close to being right!


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