Thursday, August 25, 2016

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August 25, 2016

In 1948, for the sixth consecutive and final time, Norman Thomas ran for President of the United States on the ticket of the Socialist Party. The socialists ran another candidate in the next two presidential elections but after receiving less than 3,000 votes nationwide in the 1956 election the Socialist Party disappeared. The party of Eugene V. Debs was gone. Where did the members go?

The 1956 elections made it obvious to the socialists that the American people do not like socialism and that the party could never make progress by calling themselves what they really were. From its founding in 1901 until its disappearance in 1956 it became more and more obvious to the socialists that to succeed in America they had to follow the principles of Fabian Socialism and go undercover. As more and more socialists began the process of hiding they hid under various names (populist, progressive, liberal, yellow-dog Democrat, etc.) but generally gravitated toward the left wing of the Democratic Party. During this transformation they were able to assist in the process of centralizing power while pretending to be doing it only to help others or to react to a “crisis.”

Socialists are true believers that hate capitalism and free market systems. Like all true believers they require a cause to give their lives meaning and when the cause is identified they are willing to die for it. They are willing to die because without the cause their life has no meaning. This makes them extremely committed to the cause and dangerous to anyone who stands in their way. It is because of their intensity that they have been so successful – this intensity is unmatched by people who love freedom and the American way of life – and because of this fervor we have seen less than five percent of the American adult population almost succeed in aborting the U.S. Constitution and turning this country into a socialist dictatorship. This maniacal devotion to installing a failed system is something I leave to psychiatrists to evaluate and explain.

To increase and expand their power the socialists have hijacked various parts of American society. It is nothing more than the old communist re-education camps but with a new twist – they are now updated with modern new names and made to appear legitimate. The old mechanisms still apply, however: Lies; distortions; rewriting history; the end justifies the means; destroying religion and morals; well, we all know the rest. These are the same tactics that construct a compliant populace so the socialists can maintain their power once they have achieved it.

The Democratic Party debates between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders I found to be interesting in one respect. These debates essentially consisted of two socialists arguing about who could give away the most free stuff to the citizenry and was therefore the best candidate for the American people. Bernie had a leg up on Hillary since he admitted that he was a socialist while Hillary continues to pretend she is not one.

The mechanisms of Fabian Socialism are quite evident in everyday America to anyone who takes the time to look. Centralize power and build up the welfare state until the nation’s economy collapses and then use that as an excuse to seize control. If Hillary Clinton is elected President you are assured that these mechanisms will continue to be expanded upon and utilized for the ultimate control of the American people. This would in short order signal the end of your freedom.

Lewis Shupe, Founder


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