Monday, August 29, 2016

Slip Sliding to the Welfare State

By, Anna Morris, Co-Editor, Freedom Fighters News Network

August 29, 2016

     Listening to candidates Donald Trump and Gary Johnson spout their pro-immigration blather reminds me that we didn't get our American welfare state by accident. Somewhere along the line, starting with huge agro-business and moving on up, businesses decided they needed cheap labor that would not make demands. With the help of the media many forms of work were declared to be, "jobs Americans just won't do."

     When I was young, American teenagers and uneducated people were thankful for those jobs. For teens those jobs were entry level; get a little work experience over the summer, build up to something better next summer. Growing up I lived in a fairly poor rural area. Lots of the teens who picked fruit or hoed weeds all summer used their earnings for school clothes and supplies, and they felt and learned self sufficiency rather than the victim labels of today.

     Around the end of July a number of our stores, especially Wal Mart, puts out big bins with signs encouraging shoppers to buy school supplies to be given to poor children. For a number of years these bins signal the change from the summer season to with school season. In smaller stored the collection boxes are right near the boxes for food collection for the hungry and Friday Backpack for children whose parents don't feed them on the weekends. 

     Just as our fall weather turns crisp and cold, there will be a number of do-gooder organizations, churches and ObamaCare satellites seeking warm coats, boots, shoes and sleep wear for underprivileged children! 

     I suggest many of these "children" are underprivileged because they are not allowed to have jobs during the summer or after school. All of the third world needs those entry level jobs and American kids should be thankful they live in a rich country that believes in and expands the welfare state! In addition, perhaps some of their under educated parents cannot afford to feed their kids on weekends, buy them coats, boots, clothes and school supplies, because immigrants now have the sacrosanct RIGHTS to jobs Americans have been trained to accept they cannot have!

     What happened to me in the early 70s would not matter except my misfortune became a pattern I see among my friends to this day. Back in the 60s we were taught a work ethic. Get a job, any job is better than no job. Welfare is shameful. NEVER take welfare!

     Unknown to me at the time of my agony, the government environmentalists~~they were just getting traction in the early 70s~~ had shut down a new factory for fear it would raise water temperature, over a short stretch of a large river, by one degree! Working class people who were employed there took every entry level job in the area. At the same time my married boss~~his wife was crippled, so he said~~ let me know if I did not agree to sexual intercourse I would be fired. This was a little before such things were federal cases. I righteously told him to shove his demands and the job. 

     I shortly understood there were no other entry level jobs available since they were all filled by the environmentally unemployed. A friend told me of an agricultural job for which I had experience. I was denied the work because it was promised to a Mexican "Crew". I begged. I suggested a Mexican should be dropped so I could have the job. The farmer said they were on contract and they had rights!

     Obviously I, an American citizen, had NO RIGHTS to what was then a precious thing~~a job! Very soon after I starved, became homeless and hitchhiked to a new place, half hoping a serial killer would pick me up and end my misery. Why should an American citizen EVER be allowed to starve and be homeless when foreigners have guaranteed jobs? Had I been a different kind of woman perhaps I would have crawled back to the married boss, begging him for sex. I would have feared hell fire for the adultery in the act. I would have needed a lot of alcohol, perhaps drugs, to follow through. Prostitution may have seemed a viable alternative. Perhaps by today I could be a full blown, disease ridden addict on an Obama Care program. 

    Do American citizens EVER deserve to be third world citizens in their own country while those truly born in the third world have contractual rights to jobs?  In the decades since, I have seen my friends and their kids ground down by the same stinking system. I have watched my friends and their kids ease into the welfare trap. First there are food stamps, then food banks. There is subsidized housing and all the freebies previously mentioned. There are programs for all sorts of needs. The welfare state keeps it all patched together, therefore the citizens are at least partially helpless and willing to vote for more welfare.

     Meanwhile immigrants, mostly Hispanic, with their guaranteed jobs and contractual rights, aided by willing, greedy employers hiring on the cheap, have formed their own voting block. Those eligible to vote have hopefully earned citizenship. Unfortunately I believe they also vote for the rights of those illegally here, perhaps even extended family. Every candidate seems to need to make peace with this voting block.

     Basically Libertarian candidate Gov. Gary Johnson says immigrants are wonderful people doing jobs Americans won't do, and we need more of them. Guess he would have the Hispanic voting block, except candidate Clinton will probably keep the sanctuary cities and open borders when she fulfills Obama's third term.

     Mr. Trump, while he was destroying the GOP competition back in 2015, promised to deport 11 million or so illegals and build a wall. After a couple meetings with the all powerful Hispanic voting block, Mr. Trump now says he will deport the bad ones, the ones with multiple felonies and a murder or two on their records. Mr. Trump states his heart is softening toward the others and he does not want to break up families.What about American families and entry level American youth needing jobs? 

     A few years back the liberal left whined non stop about the "Dreamers", as I understand it, kids raised completely in the U.S. to non-citizen parents who had entered our country illegally. At that time their numbers were estimated to be about 6,000. Personally I thought the humane solution would be to allow citizenship to these few thousand young people, though I firmly believe their parents should get the boot ASAP. Of course this was a too simple solution, so the can got kicked until sympathy could be generated for the poor, deserving families living illegally in our country. Taking jobs from citizens born here seems to be an act worthy of reward and beatitude.

     We don't hear about Dreamers anymore but Mr. Trump certainly feels sympathy for all who have lived here illegally for years, worked and not committed crimes. May we say SQUATTERS' RIGHTS? Perhaps jobless Americans should go squat on Trump owned real estate, and if they commit no crimes and clean up after themselves, he would allow them to stay?

     All this immigration blather, along with the Hispanic voting block, over complicates a subject that could be simple. Despite Mr. Trump's blunt, even extreme talk, about deportations and the wall, he too is having to bow to the demands of all who can run across our border to establish squatters' rights. ENOUGH ALREADY!

     Jobs are for American citizens FIRST. The patriotic duty of every American citizen is to have a JOB. Let's approach the "jobs Americans just won't do," head on. If an American citizen needs one of those jobs, the guest worker gets dumped on the spot. NO MORE contractual agreements with foreign labour to deny citizens paying jobs! This also means if an American citizen wants a WAIT STAFF job at Mar-a-Lago, one of Mr. Trump's H-visa Romanians gets dropped so the citizen can be hired!

     Add to this e-verify. Enforce the laws already on the books about hiring citizens.

     If, after all this, there are jobs unfilled, consider guest workers. I like the term guest worker. Guests, not citizens! 

     I assume there are too many big pay offs in the present complicated system to allow for a couple simple solutions. Primary candidate Trump said last year, he cared about blue collar workers and the lack of jobs in America. Today he feels sorry for illegal aliens, "the good ones", who have squatted here for decades.  



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