Monday, August 22, 2016

ObamaCare Will Morph, Not Die

By Anna Morris, Co-Editor, Freedom Fighters of America

August 22, 2016

 ObamaCare was designed to leave the American citizens holding the bag and enslaved. Amazingly--or not--it appears insurance companies and other businesses can opt out, get out and walk away. The American people will never be able to walk away. Pass it to see what's in it, smirked Pelosi with her lopsided Bo-toxed grin. Jonathan Gruber, a father of this medical disaster, counted on those "stupid American voters" to let them get away with it.

     Sure enough, little by little, Americans flew and buzzed up against that toxin laden fly paper called ObamaCare. It was always meant to be incremental so all the restrictions, costs, fees, delayed care, bad care, government-centered care, etc. would not unduly alarm voters for a couple years. 

     In those early years, just the tips of our wings brushed against the sticky stuff and the alarmed buzz was low. Costs went up. Premiums went up and deductibles went so high the insurance could not be used, though people were required to keep paying for it. Obamunists maintained enough congressional control that American voters, stupid or not, could not extricate themselves.

     While voters and consumers kept their eyes on the costs, the OTHER part of ObamaCare, the terrible, government-centered "care" was strangling the providers. Though we see insurance companies blithely walking away, even IF American citizens were ALLOWED to walk away, it would be almost impossible at this time to find relief. We are all firmly stuck in the toxic goo on that fly paper and now we buzz loudly. Angry buzzing is about all we have left for we are stuck until we die.

     Several times I have written about Obamastan, our 57th state by Obama's count. It is a real place, farther left than any other state in America. This state has been proudly Progressive for decades and its progressivism helped formulate the "care" part of ObamaCare. While I would fear to write certain things about a better known state, Obamastan always shows us an extreme and sometimes humourous extreme left perspective. That state took ObamaCare to the farthest extremes as fast as possible. Patients suffered in that state, even before ObamaCare proper. 

     Instituted ObamaCare has in six years, by utterly destroying private practice, eliminated most choices for the medical consumers of Obamastan. I monitor the papers from a certain town there. Earlier in 2016 the last doctor in private practice had to join the hospital monopoly because, as I understand it, ObamaCare requirements are such that no one in private practice can comply. The word comply has been used in a number of articles about doctors leaving private practice.

     I use the term HOSPITAL MONOPOLY. In a legal sense I am wrong since through some sort of political manoeuvring, ONE former clinic was allowed to remain in existence. Cynically I suppose this was so the word MONOPOLY would have no meaning and if it was used by a writer, that writer would look stupid if not libelous.

     I lived for a time in a town in Obamastan and observe from personal experience, that supposedly independent clinic took its marching orders from the government-hospital combine, even a few years before ObamaCare was official. Liberals continually work behind the scenes, putting their socialist plans in place so that one significant political win, such as President Obama + a Democrat majority, can turn all their ideas into laws. Law pretty much means written in stone from that point on. Or FORWARD! like Obama uses.

     I can also personally attest that this particular town used to have five or more clinics with doctors in general practice. There were a few specialists in one or two doctor practices and a couple nurse practitioners with store front operations. Six years into ObamaCare there is a giant hospital combine and something calling itself private. Doctors employed by the latter attend continuing education with hospital doctors. They too ignore individual patient needs while treating the community. Put plainly, smoking status, diabetes, hypertension, mental health and other governmental concerns are far more important that actual illnesses of the patients. "Well care" is put far ahead of "sick care" which is now out of fashion.

     (ObamaCare always planned for patients to get so much preventive care that they would never need "sick care." Liberal socialists behind the ObamaCare disaster wrote a lot about U.S. medical care being behind the rest of the world because we do too much "sick care" when all we really need is a lot of "well care". Do we assume half starved people in third world countries line up for their vaccinations and colonoscopies and thus never need "sick care"? According to our liberals American medicine ranks about dead last against every other country in the world.)

     Obamastan is a rural state with practically no big cities. It is a poor state. Rural health care is different in some ways from health care in populous areas and big cities. Government has done some good things to bring doctors and access to rural areas. The downside is that ObamaCare "care" hit like a sledge hammer and in my opinion, patients in rural areas are now just lab rats with numbers attached.

     The specific area I mention is mountainous and there used to be nice scenery until Obama's green energy put windmills in every valley and on every hill top. (Whatever it takes to put coal miners out of business while saving the planet.) There is a lot of poverty as we understand poverty in rural areas. In this county the median income is below $45,000. The per capita income is about $20,000. It is not ghettoized, big city poverty. Rural poor tend to live in trailers, eat on food stamps and line up at the food bank a couple times a month. Income in the area is so low that the federal government has a free feeding program for kids in the summers and school lunch/breakfast is free in most schools.

     All this serves as explanation of why, under the name Rural Health, the government, via the hospital monopoly, now owns all the medical clinics in small towns in the county. As I understand from local papers, these small clinics could not "COMPLY" with ObamaCare requirements unless they were under the hospital monopoly. 

     Therefore everyone in the area gets the same scary, sometimes prejudiced, government directed "care". Second opinions are not to be had since all records are in the giant ObamaCare cradle to grave register. As a medical consumer with odd needs I am used to driving to whatever big city to see specialists. I can afford it at this time in my life but I was once even poorer than the average Obamastan resident. They are trapped and they will have to exist with whatever "community health" mess the government ladles out. 

     With Aetna and other big insurers pulling out of the titanic disaster, it is hopefully suggested that ObamaCare is in its death throes, but CAN ObamaCare actually be killed?

     Take that county in Obamastan for example. All the clinic buildings and equipment are owned by the hospital. All the doctors are employed by the hospital. (Except that one clinic that calls itself independent while giving government prescribed "care".) If ObamaCare died this minute, what happens? Do we see these doctors rushing out to build a private practice complete with the risks of malpractice suits? (One advantage of the hospital combine, as I understand it, it is almost impossible to sue a hospital.) Even if some of these doctors want to be independent, how will they ever afford basic equipment and buildings?

     The money end of ObamaCare is only a part of the scheme, perhaps less than fifty percent. I have trouble finding substance in the many things said by Donald Trump. He has said two things about health care from his perspective as a businessman. Though I have had fun with these statements on Twitter, neither is Mr. Trump's policy according to his website. For my purposes here I neither speak for nor against him as a candidate.

     In early February, 2016, Mr. Trump told Anderson Cooper, "I like the [ObamaCare] mandate." Expanding, Mr. Trump said the mandate was needed if insurance companies were forced to accept people with preexisting conditions. Recently he made a comment indicating that a single payer system may be needed to overcome the ObamaCare disaster. 

     It has been suggested that ObamaCare was designed to so damage our health care system that the people would demand single payer or some other form of universal medical care. I think we may be at that point now. Surely the rural poverty of Obamastan makes it unlikely that those people will ever have anything different from what government allows. Donald Trump is running for office largely on his business background. In his two off the cuff comments noted above, I think he too is saying the ObamaCare disaster has gone so far we have no way back. Mr. Trump's official policy is otherwise but he may also see that eight years of Obama leaves us no way out.

     I see the Hillary/Bernie side ramping up for single payer health care. Liberal/socialist Progressives keep metastasizing like an untreatable, deadly cancer. At least in places like Obamastan, liberals had worked hard for a number of years prior to 2010, to make sure the right law could destroy private practice. ObamaCare greased the skids and now there is only government care available in that economically poor area. If your area is not yet as medically helpless as this, be assured there are liberal, "grassroots", community organizers working behind the scenes to make sure you lose your choices. There is absolutely NOTHING patients can do about it when their doctors close up shop & join monopolies. 

     We can kill the monetary side of ObamaCare but if we do not also ABSOLUTELY destroy the "care" side of it, we WILL be forced into single payer/universal health care at some time, in my opinion. 

     The liberal Progressives will never rest until we are all forced to have government-centered, government-planned, "well care". Remember, the American citizens are the only ones in this scheme who are not allowed to get out. ObamaCare is so all encompassing I think it will never die, but continue to morph and grow like a cancer.


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