Sunday, August 7, 2016

Obama paid $400M in cash to Iran to get around laws

By Jonathan Trugman, The New York Post

In America, we have laws against funneling money to terrorist organizations. We have laws against laundering money. And we have banking laws. White House spokesman Josh Earnest claimed these laws, along with sanctions, prevented the Obama administration from making the payment to Iran through a bank, or having the US Treasury wire the funds. US financial firms face thousands of pages of regulations still being developed in Dodd-Frank that have hamstrung growth, and should have thwarted this $400 million payment.

Commentary by: Lynn Cheramie, Founder, Freedom Fighters of America

Obama has done nothing but circumvent the law and this is no different. The idiots we elect to represent us will give us a bunch of lip service and do nothing because their all in on the drama being played out in DC. They're all actors in a play that will go on until someone makes the ultimate sacrifice for all of us!


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