Friday, July 15, 2016

US Freedom Army

US Freedom Army

July 15, 2016

Below is a letter to the editor from my local newspaper that I keep in my wallet to remind me of how much wrong-thinking there is about the U.S. Constitution. In the interest of keeping all you patriots enlightened about how the Constitution is to be viewed I present that letter with my comments after it. If I do nothing else with the U.S. Freedom Army I want to ensure that all of you know your Constitution and how it is to be interpreted.

Founders would have liked Health Care Plan

In regard to health care, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’s letter (“Obama’s Trojan Horse rolling in,” Op-Ed March 22) says “A right? I just reread my Constitution … (and) the Founding Fathers did not put anything in there about a God-given right to health insurance. Not even the right to good health.”

In my copy of the Constitution, the first sentence states “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare … .” So, one of the main reasons for establishing the Constitution was to promote general welfare. I would assume that would include keeping its citizens healthy. I think the Founding Fathers would have approved of a single-payer health system.


Most of you that have been reading our material and studying the Constitution know why the letter above is completely inaccurate. We believe the individual above sincerely believed what he had written was true but that individual is one of many that have been completely taken in by the false interpretations of our Constitution repeated by the Main-Stream Media ad nauseam until eventually people believe these falsehoods to be the truth.

The Welfare Clause (“promote the general Welfare”) is limiting. I could give you numerous quotes here from the people who wrote the Constitution but suffice it to say that the Founding Fathers said that just because we told you to provide for the general welfare does not mean you can have any powers we have not already given you. In other words, you cannot use the Welfare Clause as an excuse to exceed the enumerated powers in the Constitution (found generally in Article 1, Section 8). The Welfare Clause is not a catchall that can be used to circumvent the Constitution’s limiting powers.

There is absolutely no authority whatsoever in the Constitution given to the Federal Government to control healthcare in any way, shape or form. The Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional, any changes to the ACA are unconstitutional and any replacement for the ACA is also unconstitutional. The only way the Federal Government can legally control healthcare is to amend the Constitution and that amendment has not been forthcoming.

The Center for Disease Control is a good example of the Federal Government providing for the general welfare as long as the CDC does not tell the States or the people what to do. There is a difference between offering suggestions to help and establishing control to issue edicts.
Lewis Shupe, Founder


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