Friday, July 22, 2016

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US Freedom Army

July 22, 2016

The British exit (Brexit) from the European Union (EU) was a breath of fresh air. Even though 52% to 48% is hardly a large margin of victory at least it gives us hope that some people in the world are beginning to wise up to the corrosive effects of global socialism and how they are being taken in by the Globalists whose primary goal is a world government based upon socialist (Marxist) principles. The Globalists, whose only interest is in political power, could care less about the continuous failures of socialism and only want to create a world where they are in charge. As I have said before, a socialist world government would turn the entire planet into one gigantic North Korea and would be a disaster for mankind.

You cannot have a political union without a central government and a military supporting that government. You cannot have a currency without a central government and a military supporting that government that can enforce discipline on the members (I realize that Britain does not participate in the Euro currency system). These setups are destined to fail and it is only a matter of time until they do so. These setups are an attempt by the Globalists to backdoor their way to achieving a world government under their domination and when these setups fail they will create tremendous hardships for millions of people.

Great Britain now has a chance to escape from the dictates of unelected bureaucrats who tell them how to behave and Britain can now possibly get their financial house in order and begin the process of returning to the financial and political powerhouse they once were. Only time will tell if they can make that a reality. They can also begin the process of reestablishing their sovereignty and controlling their borders. There have to be some in Britain who are now wondering if the Chunnel was a big mistake.

The United States should learn a lesson from this and disentangle itself from these situations where unelected citizens of other countries control our destiny and dictate to us how we can act and what we should be doing. Perhaps one day soon enough people in the United States will also wise up and this process can begin.

Lewis Shupe, Founder


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