Sunday, July 31, 2016

SHOCKER: As a Teen Cashier Seeing Food Stamp Use, I Changed My Mind About the Democrat Party.

I also learned how people gamed the welfare system. They’d buy two dozen packs of soda with food stamps and then sell them at a discount for cash. They’d ring up their orders separately, buying food with food stamps, and beer, wine, and cigarettes with cash. They’d regularly go through the checkout line speaking on their cell phones. I could never understand why our lives felt like a struggle while those living off of government largesse enjoyed trinkets that I only dreamed about. . . .

Commentary by: Lynn Cheramie, Founder, Freedom Fighters of America

Lifetime limits need to be placed on all Public Assistance. We've created a dependent class which also means lazy and unmotivated. I don't mean 10 years either. I mean 3 years max for a lifetime. We have food stamp cards being handed down to generations. I also work at a convenience store and see everyday the first hand use of these so-called cards for the needy. I sell gum, energy drinks, candy, chips and the like. I've sold only 2 gallons of milk to food stamp customers over the last 8 months. They complain when they can't buy fountain drinks and hotdogs. The entire welfare system is being abused and that includes disability. Social Security is not welfare, it's paid for by the recipients.


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