Thursday, July 7, 2016

How video changed Americans' views toward the police, from Rodney King to Alton Sterling

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Another video of a police shooting has once again put attention on racial disparities in the criminal justice system. On Tuesday, police shot and killed Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The video shows police pinning Sterling down, then shooting him after allegedly seeing a gun.

Video has been changing Americans' views toward police for more than 25 years. In 1991, four white Los Angeles police officers brutally beat Rodney King, an unarmed black man, as it was caught on video, sparking local riots and putting a spotlight on longstanding feelings of distrust toward law enforcement in minority communities. The video in particular has been credited with forcing cities to reconcile with — and sometimes reform — how they police minority neighborhoods.

Commentary by: Lynn Cheramie, Founder, Freedom Fighters of America

This article and it's content are just other ways to divide the races. We're more segregated today than we were 50 years ago and it's getting worse. So-called Black Leaders, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and news organizations, blogs and columns infer that Blacks blame Whites for a lot and don't really know why other than color of ones skin. Is that not racism? Blacks have their own award shows but want to cry foul when they are not nominated in the all of the other mainstream shows intended for all races. Blacks have their own TV Networks but cry foul when Blacks are not included in shows on the other major networks. Blacks have their own universities, but didn't Blacks fight so hard to be included in White schools many years ago. Why would Blacks still want their own universities? Blacks talk about a different set of standards but yet accept them in many different forms. Affirmative Action is for minorities and not for Whites. Why would Blacks accept a lower standard in the most important aspect of increasing the intelligence and stature in a race?

The Mainstream Media only reports the .01% of White on Black incidents that they feel went wrong because it sells and not the other 99.9% that went right because it doesn't sell. Did we ever stop to think that this so-called disparity in shootings by race is present in a lot of other areas. Check the stats for anything and you will find that the disparity exists everywhere.

We all choose color as the reason for disparities between the races not environment, education, culture, upbringing, parents, income or poverty level. Race is not about race but about the factors that caused the disparities and it can't be the color of ones skin. Once we stop seeing people as Black and White only then will we all be free!


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