Sunday, July 10, 2016

Clinton Casts Experience Handling Classified Material As Secretary As Ex...

Commentary by: Lynn Cheramie, Founder, Freedom Fighters of America

She really doesn't admit her lies and still implies that she can be trusted. She was fired during the Watergate debacle for lying and it hasn't stopped since! Watergate wasn't even about classified information and Nixon was burned at the stake while this witch lies about everything and gets nothing but a pat on her fat ass by the people who run the Free Stuff Group, Democrats! There is no other way for Democrats to get elected. I hope people see there is no future in getting everything for free and creating a lazy complacent society dependent on it's own government to feed them.

I've read several articles recently about how it's wrong to make people on any form of public assistance feel bad for receiving it. I say they should feel bad about it! If they don't feel bad then they don't have a conscience right? Feeling bad is the only incentive to get off the gravy train! Some people choose Public Assistance Receiver for their career. Public assistance should be limited to a certain number of years over a lifetime. America is not the mother and father to everyone within it's borders but should expect honorable mothers and fathers to take care of their own!

I hate when people say, "I'm paying for this purchase with my Food Stamp Card. " It's not your Food Stamp Card! It belongs to the people who pay for it you dumbasses!


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