Sunday, July 10, 2016

Black Lives Matter Was Gaining Ground. Then a Sniper Opened Fire.

By Michael Barbaro and Yamiche Alcindor, The New York Times

It felt like a watershed moment for a scattered and still-young civil rights movement.

Inside Black Lives Matter, the national revulsion over videos of police officers shooting to death black men in Minnesota and Louisiana was undeniable proof that the group’s message of outrage and demands for justice had finally broken through.

Even the white governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton, in a pained public concession, embraced the movement’s central argument. “Would this have happened if those passengers — the driver and the passengers — were white?” he asked. “I don’t think it would’ve.”

Commentary by: Lynn Cheramie, Founder, Freedom Fighters of America

Black Lives Matter is just another racially divisive organization founded on the premise that no one cares about Black people other than Black people. Well with the majority of murders or any crime for that matter against Blacks being committed by Blacks you would think they would address this issue first but that doesn't sell or get donations. White on Black crime now there's something they can get behind and make a few dollars. When is Black leadership (by the way the President is Black) going to stop allowing it's own people to die while identifying only another color as the culprit? When is Black leadership going to ask why 80% of all abortion clinics are in minority communities or is THE murder of more Blacks acceptable under the guise of helping women? When is Black leadership going to admit that programs like Affirmative Action only serve to keep it's own people from achieving the same as others? Affirmative Action doesn't help anyone get into a great college or university, it's sole objective is to keep minorities beneath Whites. When will everyone stop seeing the cop as a color and the victim as another color?

Racism fits the narrative that our own government perpetuates and needs to remain in power? The mainstream media spouts the propaganda for the government machine without question and they will never be trusted again. When will we stop fighting each other and join hands in the battle against our own government who cares more about it's own power and money than they do America or it's citizens.

The greed of men will be the downfall of humanity if we do not address the root causes of all our issues. You can be politically correct until it kills all of us or you can say the right thing, do the right thing and walk the difficult path to the truth. All of us together can save the greatest country in the history of history! Our government continues to promise better and brighter futures for all of us if we keep electing them but that day never comes does it? Our elected officials continue to know better than us and keep the snowball of confusion barreling down the mountain to our total destruction as a nation. Our government divides and conquers it's on people to achieve their objective, MONEY AND POWER!

Black Lives Matter was only relevant to a select few and has worn out it's welcome. The incidents that sparked this new round of killing were not about White Police Officers and Black Victims, it was about men killing other men. We will only be at peace when we all stop seeing our favorite color and see everyone as one race of people.


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