Friday, June 10, 2016

DEA Wants Inside Your Medical Records to Fight the War on Drugs

By Christopher Moraff, The Daily Beast

The feds are fighting to look at millions of private files without a warrant, including those of two transgender men who are taking testosterone.

Marlon Jones was arrested for taking legal painkillers, prescribed to him by a doctor, after a double knee replacement.

Jones, an assistant fire chief of Utah’s Unified Fire Authority, was snared in a dragnet pulled through the state’s program to monitor prescription drugs after someone stole morphine from an ambulance in 2012. To find the missing morphine, cops used their unrestricted access to the state’s Prescription Drug Monitor Program database to look at the private medical records of nearly 500 emergency services personnel—without a warrant.

Commentary by: Lynn Cheramie, Founder, Freedom Fighters of America

We are becoming more and more like the old Communist Russia everyday! Why do you think they wanted electronic medical records in the first place? So they can get your information quickly and easily. Why do you think the internet was created? So they can track everything we do since it's all on-line. There was no computer theft of information or money from people, businesses via electronic means prior to the internet. Technology has put us so far behind ourselves it's not even funny. When everything was manual there was only one piece of paper for everything and you had to physically get it. Now you can get just about anything on-line. Remember someone saying all the paper would go away? How many times have you said that the computer age created twice as much paperwork? A lot! We can't keep up with the criminal activity it creates and it just grows and grows.

I cancelled my Facebook account because of the information that is shared and as I write this am thinking about getting off the net all together and going back to the old ways of conducting business, FACE TO FACE!


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