Sunday, May 8, 2016

Who will follow Trump off the cliff?

Donald Trump: "We've got to get rid of the $19 trillion in debt."

Washington Post: "How long would that take?"

Trump: "I would say over a period of eight years."

March 31
Fortune: "You've said you plan to pay off the country's debt in 10 years. How's that possible?"

Trump: "No, I didn't say 10 years."

— April 19
Speaking on "Fox & Friends," Trump revealed something he learned from the National Enquirer, of course. Although the John F. Kennedy assassination is one of history's most minutely studied events, all previous scrutiny missed something the supermarket tabloid discovered for people like Trump — a connection between Ted Cruz's father and the murder of the 35th president. Trump said:

Commentary by: Lynn Cheramie, Founder, Freedom Fighters of America

It's stories like these that make Trump's supporters grow in numbers. You guys are talking about the majority of the nation that will vote for Trump. Any poll that has Clinton beating Trump is absurd and a lie and we all now it! The Republican establishment needs to stop talking about drafting Mitt or Paul Ryan and get behind Trump or it will make things a lot worse for them when he moves into the White House. The Chicago Tribune has to write National Enquirer style articles so they will get at least 10 papers sold a week. Trump is going to shake up the establishment and even the Republicans are shaking in their boots.


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