Monday, May 23, 2016

Walls Closing In On Obamacare Lawlessness

By Grace-Marie Turner and Doug Badger, Forbes

The Obama Administration is unlawfully diverting billions of dollars from taxpayers to insurance companies that sell Obamacare policies.

That is the conclusion reached in a legal opinion letter released today by former Ambassador and White House Counsel Boyden Gray.

Mr. Gray’s letter reinforces the conclusion of legal experts at the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service who found that the administration’s actions “would appear to be in conflict with the plain text” of the Obamacare statute.

Commentary by: Lynn Cheramie, Founder, Freedom Fighters of America

For those who become angry because they received illegal insurance through Obamacare and were cut off, you should be glad you had it as long as you did. You really didn't expect it to stand on it's own without taxpayer assistance did you? Even with the tax penalties it can never be funded appropriately, which would raise your taxes tremendously. Obama was a fraud from the beginning and he would be King if it were not for the Joker Mask he wears!

It's time to end welfare as we know it. People need to be limited to the benefits they receive in a lifetime. Three years would be good and that goes for food stamps too. You should only be able to buy staples with food stamps. Everyone would have to reapply for the welfare assistance they currently receive. We should abolish the IRS and go to the Fair Tax, use those employees to requalify and track all welfare and disability cases. When someone abuses the system they are never allowed to receive government assistance for ANY REASON ever again!

While on any welfare program you will be required to complete 20 hours of community service a week.

Social Security should NEVER be touched. Americans who have paid into the system should get what's owed to them. The Federal Government has to pay back all of the money it borrowed from Social Security. If you didn't pay into Social Security you can NEVER receive it for any reason!

Welfare is not paid for by the people who receive it but Social Security is paid for by the hard working men and women of our Great Nation. Welfare should die first!


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