Thursday, February 16, 2017

US Freedom Army

The United Nations, Agenda 21, and Socialism

February 16, 2017

By Lewis Shupe, Contributor, FFOA News Network

The United Nations has evolved into a bureaucratic mess whose main goal is to work toward a world government (which they want to control) and to try to find clever ways to get money from America and use the U.S. Armed Forces to help them achieve their ends. When the United States veto in the Security Council was diluted beginning in the 1950s the United States should have left the U.N. immediately. There are numerous small nations that are members of the U.N. and pay no money into their budget (the USA currently pays about 22%) and have almost as much power as the USA. Without a complete restructuring of the U.N. to properly reflect the realities of world geopolitics the United States should exit immediately and help countries directly as the need arises without using the U.N.

During the administration of Barack Obama, the U.N. gained a large foothold in the United States and attempted to install something called Agenda 21. In this they almost succeeded. A Hillary Clinton victory in 2016 would have brought the U.N to your doorstep.  

The 6 Agenda 21 points of emphasis are:

1.         Global Warming/Climate Change
2.         Fear of over population
3.         Goal to Destroy the Free Market system
4.         Cheap Energy is the enemy of the Earth
5.         Common Core Indoctrination
6.         Government Healthcare

Agenda 21 is nothing more than an orchestrated attack on the free market system using Marxist principles to achieve the goals of socialism. It uses manufactured crises to intimidate people and to achieve control over their lives so they can be manipulated into thinking that free markets are the cause of all these problems and will accept the thinking that a world government is the only solution to these problems. Agenda 21 is Marxism in action.

Communism and socialism share the same goals and only differ as to tactics. Communists want to overthrow a government by violent means while socialists want to overthrow a government by infiltration. In free societies, a communist revolution is extremely difficult so the socialist method has been adopted to break down free market countries. The primary goal of all socialists is a world government built upon socialist principles. The fact that socialist systems always fail and always lead to dictatorship does not occur to those committed to the cause since they always believe the next time socialism will work. Socialism’s goal in a free market system is to build up the welfare state until the nation’s economy collapses and then rush in to seize control and install their socialist agenda.
You know you are hearing a socialist when he continuously (but often cleverly) plays on these themes: centralization of power; class warfare; redistribution of wealth; the evils of the free market. When you confront a socialist and tell him what he is you will hear a denial and then he will hide under another name – liberal; statist, progressive; (or whatever) – and say he is only trying to help people and make America better. In spite of what they may say, these people do not care one whit about anyone else – their goal is to achieve power and topple the capitalist system. They hate capitalism and want to see it eliminated.

A socialist world government would ultimately turn the entire world into North Korea – everyone except the people in power would be starving. A very small percentage of the American public that is militant, well-funded, politically active and committed to their cause is working hard to see that Americans lose their freedom and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.


Saturday, February 4, 2017

US Freedom Army

February 4. 2017

“The last 30 years we have lived off the future, and the bill is coming due.”  Tom Coburn, former Senator from Oklahoma

In November of 2016 my car battery died so I called AAA. They came to my home and replaced my battery and charged me $149. I decided to look up the old invoice from several years prior to see how much they had charged me the last time this happened and it was done in January of 2011 and the cost was $113. In actuality, these numbers are a reasonably good reflection of the inflation rate for the last 6 years.
This is called inflation folks! The exact same service was $36 dollars more than it was about 6 years prior. Do not let anyone, and particularly the federal government, tell you that prices are not going up. At present the rate of inflation is running at about 6% per year and, if nothing is done, this will only get worse. This is a major consequence of the national, state and local debt that is crushing this nation (see
People on fixed incomes who rely almost solely on Social Security or other fixed retirement benefits are being slowly but systematically starved to death because their cost-of-living increases are not being accurately reflected in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS – or, more accurately, BS). Ask yourself, for every $113 you were receiving in 2011 are you receiving $149 now? If the answer is yes you are extremely fortunate.  
The repayment of the debt and the interest on that debt is a major problem in and of itself but the greater problem is the printing of money by the Federal Reserve to buy the debt that no one is purchasing. If nothing is done soon this problem will become irreversible and the value of money will be destroyed. The question I often ask people is what will you do when money is worthless? In my wallet I carry a Zimbabwe $100 trillion bill to remind me of where this nation is headed.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1933, through a series of Executive Orders (does this sound familiar), took the nation off the gold standard in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution (see Article I, Section 8, Part 4 of the U.S. Constitution; and see our post “To coin Money”), and instituted fiat money as the standard for America this was the beginning of the end for freedom. Your children and grandchildren will pay a terrible price for the drunken spending spree this country has been on for the last 84 years. If the U.S. Constitution were being followed scrupulously during that period many of the nation’s problems would not be with us today.
This is one primary reason the U.S. Freedom Army exists. Unless these financial problems are attacked directly and solved soon the nation will continue its financial spiral downward and the results of that spiral will be the greatest economic catastrophe in world history.
Lewis Shupe, Founder
U.S. Freedom Army   


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