Those American Girls


Those American Girls
August 21, 2015
OMG LOVERS We R BACK after our summer vacay, hope u didnt miss us 2 much! Our new podcast is here: <3

We've got a gr8 podcast 2day, a discussion of a man we think was 2 handsum 2 kick out of Congress, plus a NEW SONG from Those American Girls fabulous new album, ALL TIME SMASH HITS!
It's the perfect album for all mega-cool ultra-badass patriots! 

This podcast co-stars Alicia American, Debbie American, Sophie American & Patt Riot & features vocal performances by Redd Horrocks, Colleen Grate, Amber Lee Connors, & Madeline Starr y'all!

Special thanx 2 brave patriot Mister Cheramie at Freedom Fighters of America 4 simulcasting us! We luv u Mister Cheramie! 

We're moving 2 a Thursday schedule for the Fall so C U next Thursday y'all! 


July 30, 2015
OMG y'all we recorded this here podcast on our lunch break we hope u luv it! XOXOXO


July 28, 2015
Greetings y'all! In this new podcast, we look back on the time Debbie American was almost named an Honorary Republican! Let's listen! 
July 21, 2015
OMG Y'all I don't know why I even moved out of Georgia if NYC is going 2B SO HOT but that's the way God wants it so that's the way it is. At least we don't have earthquakes here! Not yet, anyway.

I don't know about u all lovers but I nead sumthing lite & funnery 2day, so let's let our idiot sister Debbie American do the show 2day! Take it away, Deb! xoxoxo Listen 2 2day's podcast about Presidential politics HERE: xoxo

Those American Girls

July 16, 2015


July 14, 2015
 OMG Lovers Chibi Kawaii Dezuray a/k/a Chibi American from Those American Girls, is today's guest hostess. Wait, when did Chibi become a CONSERVATIVE, y'all???? 


CU Thurzday w/a new wepisode lovers! <3


Those American Girls

July 9, 2015
Hey it's me, Polly American y'all!
I got big news, we're rebooterizering the podcast with me as the new hostess!
To celebrate, all July we're highlighting the funniest and most patriotic moments of the original show, including stuff you've never heard before and free songs by Those American Girls!

If you go to you'll see that as of July 9th, the first two podcasts are up already, and we'll have more each Tuesday and Thursday both there and here on Freedom Fighters, our flagship news blog!

TYSM for letting us be Freedom Fighters, Mr. Cheramie!
If you enjoy the podcasts, please subscribe or rate them up or leave a positive review. Doing those things really does matter because it makes it a little more likely that our stuff will get seen and heard by other patriots just like you!
TYSM & see you next Tuesday, Americans!
Polly American &
Those American Girls


April 28, 2015

The Diary of Polly American

by Polly American

Dear Diary,

What a strange world these humans have created y'all! OMG last nite, these peeps were upset at the police for handling them ruffly, so 2 demonstr8 that they should be handled more kindly, they blew up police vans & destroyed much of their own community & destroyed a senior center that was about to open to house poor old peeps. I'm sure the cops are gonna be MUCH nicer to them NOW, aren't YOU?

Do you think they would be rioting if a strong conservative were Mayor? I'm pretty sure most of those peeps would've moved already if there were a strong patriot running the show! Why this Mayor was too namby-pamby to even declare a curfew the nite the rioting was taking place y'all OMG!!

I sware I would run for Mayor of Baltimore MYSELF to help clean up the rubble, but, well, I just don't see a point in risking getting my designer originals dirty to help out some peeps who blow up their own block. So maybe we should just put a wall around Baltimore instead. They want to live in the stone age, LET 'em! Who would complain if this were done? Nobody! Well, maybe Buck Showalter, but he's complaining all the time ANYHOW, y'all!

Oh Lord Diary, I didn't even write you about my date tonight and I'm ever so tired! I do declare we shall have to resume this convo tomorrow!

Yours sincerely,
Polly American
Professional Badass

April 21, 2015
OMG Lovers it's MOI, Alicia American Yay! OMG I'm knot in this wepisode but like OMG I gave Sophie & Polly & Patt make-overers 2 like glamorize tha show up a bit anyhow yo #BADASS OMG 2day Polly & Sophie name a certin sum1 as "Hotterest Republican of tha Wk" & 2 find out WHO ur just gunna have 2 click on this link lovers: <<That link.

OMG CU Next wk as Chibi returns yo! #MegaBadasserest


April 7, 2016
OMG cuties have u heard our new podcast yet? We interview a sexery & badass singer-slash-animator named Kimberly Jesika! Kimberly is a US Vet, & in fact her entire family are patriots, so I know you'll enjoy our interview with her here:

CU Next wk with a NEW WEPISODE!


March 31, 2015
OMG Its like ME Debbie American Hooray & I M hear 2 tell u like who 2 vote 4 wen u vote 4 Prezzy of tha USA yo OMG Hooray! Hears my podcast yo: CLICK HERE <<Theirs my podcast yo! OMG Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls lissen yo omg pls? TYSM We luv u Hooray! xoxoxoxoxo

March 27, 2015

OMG LOVERS this new podcast proofs that we R tha MOST STYLERISH & fashionabalistic of ALL tha like cartune girl bands yo OMG #BADASS
©MMXV Peter Bernard
March 17, 2015

Greetings Patriots! We hope you are having a most glorious St. Patrick's Day! Our Debbie and Chibi have recorded a cover of an old Dee Dee King song for the occasion entitled, "2 Much 2 Drink," but that doesn't mean that's what you have to do with your day! Take it from me, Patt Riot-- there's nobody more Irish in all of America than me! And I say you can have a fun holiday WITHOUT getting blisteringly drunk, and if you DO choose to drink, you can do so responsibly and still have a grand time. Blimey, we want to see you all tomorrow with your hangovers, so BE CAREFUL TONIGHT and remember-- Those American Girls luv each & every one of you blighters!

Now that you've all been properly lectured, here's the new tune 2 MUCH 2 DRINK Wheee! >> <<Listen now for free Huzzah!

Happity St. Patrick's Day from Those American Girls and see you at the parade!


March 3, 2015

Those American Girls, February 17, 2015
OMG LOVERS Patt's got a like NEW PODCAST introducerizering her like Suthern Cuzin POLLY Yay! OMG lovers ENJOY! LINK: <<LISSEN NOW! OMG #MegaBadass

Those American Girls, February 9, 2015

OMG LOVERS!! It's like 2sday so that meenz a like NEW PODCAST yo OMG Yay! >><< OMG this thyme its like Chibi Dezi doing a show, I dunno wat she's talkering about in this 1 cuz I'm like so bizzy w/my like importnt show biz stuff yo OMG #BADASS

OMG chek out all tha badass pix from Negative Stacey's recent 8-BIT BASH in NYC yo! OMG theirs a pic of Deb & Stacey in 3D in their 4 reelz! <<OMG u mist a GR8 party yo OMG!!!

CU Next wk lovers!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo SCHMOOCHEEZ!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo
Those American Girlz report for FFOA, February 2, 2015

Greetings all! Patt Riot from Those American Girls here wishing you a Happity 2sday and hoping you luv our brandy-new podcast>> << Does Debbie American REALLY become an honorary republican in this wepisode? I suppose you'll have to listen to find out, eh?

There's a rumor Chibi will be in NEXT week's show, so come back each 2sday to Freedom Fighters of America for more fun with me and me girlfriends Wheee!


Those American Girlz report for FFOA, January 27th, 2015

Those American Girlz report for FFOA, January 27th, 2015
OMG LOVERS it's our like FIRST PODCAST on Freedom Fighterers of America & my like FIRST EVAR
“Hot Chick On Da Street” intervu segment yo OMG Yay!

Go HEAR 2 lissen: <<


Come back next 2sday wen we R gunna have sumthing like COMPLEETLY INDIFFRERENT YO omg Yay! #BADASS

NEXT WEEK: Patt Riot & Debbie American Hooray!

November 23, 2014
Happity Sundy Lovers!!! Our new demo of THE FIRST NOEL we recordered just last nite:
November 21, 2014



November 3, 2014

Greetings patriots, this is Patt Riot from Those American Girls and I've got a special message delivered to Alicia yesterday by Hollywood Legend Ken Wahl, and that is-- MEET HIM AT THE BALLOT BOX & drag along all your friends Wheee!

Please please please listen to me podcast I recorded especially for you especially on this date and which you can hear thanks to the kindness of our Fearless Leader Lynn Cheramie Huzzah! 

Thank you all so much for being patriots and meet us and your fellows at the voting booth today so that we may all have a brighter tomorrow! xoxoxoxo
October 5, 2014


OMG LOVERS We R in Hollywood hangering w/our homie Leah Cevoli tha movies producerer and actoress yo #BADASS In this pic we R going 2 St. Mary's Church in Whittier, CA Yay! Pic by Jeff Floro & Peter Bernard!

OMG Leah is appeering LIVE w/us in Boston in December OMG! Find out more in our new podcast on Yay! Yay! Yayyy!!!!!


September 28, 2014
"Happity Sunday frm St Marks Church on tha LES yo #BADASS"


We R workering on a 4 part series callded Fall/Wintar Fashion Revus w/pix of wat we R bying 4 tha Winter. Do u want 2 run that series in October?


 Sunday September 14, 2014

Message from Alicia American
Translated into English (or something like it) by Patt Riot

OMG lovers Those American Girls are deeply humbled and honored to have been ordered back to work by our like prodigal boss, the ultra-badass Lynn Cheramie Yay! Sometimes the second time you do something means more to you than the like first time, because now you like know what it meant to you the first time or the second or something and stuff or whatever Yay!
OMG we like luv u Mr. Cheramie!

We are going to change our Bikini Tea Party blog into a several day a week blog, so that we can run the stuff we do on our failbook or tweeter, along with other stuff that's like ONLY for our #tcot fans and friends Yay!

The url for that is
& it will link right back to here once we get all set up yo!
How badass is THAT yo? OMG!
& we owe it all to Mr. Lynn Cheramie!

Freedom Fighters of America are now ready for action!
See you tomorrow lovers with a like NEW DEBBIE AMERICAN PINUP Yay!


Alicia American said...

OMG TYSM 4 hiring us Mr. Cheramie! OMG ur so badass TYSM!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Alicia American said...

We link 2 our fave Freedom Fighter articles PLUS a new church pic @ this link yo: Chekitout yo! TYSM Mr. Cheramie we luv u!! XOXOXOXOXOXO