Saturday, December 21, 2013

Now that "Duck Dynasty" has our attention...

 December 21, 2013

by Anna Morris, Senior Staff Writer, Freedom Fighters of America

    ~If only we would swarm with loud indignation every time our God-given rights are threatened, like people are doing now in support of "Duck Dynasty" and Phil Robertson.
     ~It's emotionally personal when shows come into our homes week after week. We feel like the stars are part of the family and who doesn't rush to defend family if a member is attacked?
     ~I do not personally own a TV and I have never seen "Duck Dynasty" so I feel a bit emotionally detached from the controversy. There are other cases that have made me boiling mad this year because those cases absolutely attack freedom of expression and religion. These are the cases where courts order business owners to go against their consciences or else. We  have seen a lot of this in the past year. Some recent ones involve same sex marriage and they are most pertinent at this time  considering the lack of tolerance being shown for Phil Robertson's opinion.
     ~*Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop,
         Lakewood, CO; has been ordered by a court to
         provide wedding cakes for same sex marriages.
     ~*Johnathan and Elaine Huguenin own Elane
        Photography in Albuquerque, NM. Court has
        told them they cannot refuse to photograph
        same sex marriages and further, refusing to
        do so is a violation of New Mexico's law on
        human rights.
     ~Aron and Melissa Klein own Sweet Cakes by
       Melissa in Gresham, OR, though it appears
       this business may have closed its doors following
       "months of harassment" for refusing to make a
        cake for a same sex wedding. The gay couple
        filed a complaint with the state's Bureau of
        Labor and Industry (BOLI), which is investigating.
     ~Barronelle Stutzman owns Arlene's Flowers &
       Gifts in Washington state. She is a florist. You
        guessed it. Legal trouble for refusing to arrange
        flowers for a same sex marriage.
     ~Dick and Betty Odegaard of Grimes,  Iowa are
       court  ordered to rent premises they own for
       same sex weddings, says the Iowa human rights
     ~After accessing these articles on the browser, the next titles state that churches feel they will be next, that in the name of human rights they will be forced to perform same sex marriages.
    ~None of these stories can have the mass emotional impact that the "Duck Dynasty" cancellation has had but they should. Every time any court, government entity, politician or President Obama himself, grabs a chunk of our rights, we should swarm with indignation and make our position clear. LEAVE OUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS ALONE!
     ~Our politicians are in the process of making every human behavior a part of "public health" through Obama Care. EVERY aspect of our lives can be regulated for the "public good" through "public health". That's what Obama Care is all about and why, in my opinion, Obama fights so hard for it.
     ~It isn't just about GLAAD v. Phil Robertson's Christianity. That is just a skirmish. Everyday there are new ways for government to steal our consciences, faith and freedom of expression. For example, New York City council just banned e-cigs in public places, not because they harm anyone with second hand vapour. Heck, no! The anti-tobacco nuts don't want kids to think smoking is acceptable. Children must not be allowed to SEE something that SIMULATES smoking. A goal of the anti-smoking zealots is to make smoking "abnormal" which is kind of like what other zealots are doing to make the Christian faith "abnormal".
     ~Do we see a pattern here? Florists, bakers and photographers MUST, by court order, use their God given artistic talents for events that violate personal religious beliefs.  While we are at it, don't forget Hobby Lobby forced against conscience to provide contraceptives and worse. God help the little kid that chews a pastry into the shape of a gun and says "Bang! Bang!" Kids can't even point fingers and pretend they are guns without being punished. Pretend guns and adult gizmo's that resemble cigarettes must not be part of free expression according to the thought police!
     ~To me, these things are more dangerous to all of us that A&E's suspension of Phil Robertson. A business has the right to make a business decision not to alienate a portion of the viewing public. (If you had a super popular show sponsored by the beef industry for example, and expressed your private opinion that meat eating causes cancer, you might get cancelled.) On the other hand gay activists in particular have repeatedly gone to court to deny business owners the right not to violate personal faith and conscience. In a previous article I wrote that such lack of tolerance from any special group could eventually turn the most tolerant among us toward intolerance and lack of empathy.
     ~So we have new boycotts in behalf of Phil's right to free speech, joining the many other boycotts that have started throughout the past year. I honestly can't remember if we are supposed to be boycotting or supporting Starbucks at this time. (I live far enough from civilization it doesn't matter anyway.)
     ~Judging by the intense emotion, maybe the effort for "Duck Dynasty" will actually have an impact where other boycotts seem to have made no impression. However it goes, be prepared to defend ALL our rights ALL the time against an increasingly tyrannical government.
     ~Our founders knew that kind of vigilance is what it would take to maintain our freedoms in perpetuity. Life got too easy and we forgot how to defend our rights. Indeed, we found it comfortable to give up rights for the "greater good", or perhaps from sheer, unpatriotic sloth and laziness. Enjoy the fight in behalf of "Duck Dynasty" and remember to be just as righteously angry over the daily grabbing of rights we experience from Washington DC. 
     ~It has been said, "Never whack a pinata if hornets are flying out of it." Government needs to know that where our rights are involved, We the People are one of that kind of pinata!

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